since requisition is mission specific, can i choose my requisitioned gear after mission briefing?

Can I trade in some of my standard issue equipment for extra Requisition points? My combat knife and bolt pistol are sort of redundant.

^ Hmm, let me think on that one. Although, me being the GM I am, if you ditched your sidearms I might try my best to contrive some way to take away your main weapons and then where would you be?

On another note, taking a look at some of the sheets and everything looks good so far. One thing I noticed is that some people are using the weapon damage stats from the Errata. Those stats don't necessarily replace the stats from the core rulebook, they're there as an alternative. We can certainly take that option, but everyone would have to agree to it. That's something that can be decided once the selection has been made.

I dont mind either bolter stats. the bolter stats in the core book have higher maximum damage and more chances to roll righteous fury, but the errata stats have a higher minimum damage.

oh ChronicLunacy, in the section in chapter 1, where it tells you to calculate your base speed, for the movement calculation purposes you increase you agility bonus by one since your wearing power armor. so with an agility stat of 47, your normal AB is 4. but for movement calculation you use agility 5, ie speeds 5,10,15,30

so what's the decision, errata weapon stats or core book stats? i can change my character sheet quickly, but i just need to know what is the verdict.

If the enemies we gun down are tough enough, especially for 6 veteran Astartes, then core.


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