^ We'll go with the core stats then.

ChronicLunacy (and everyone else), I'll give you the option of trading extra standard issue weapons and gear at the rate of half their requisition value, rounded up.

sheet updated.

Oh, probably should introduce myself eventually.
Name's Paily (Pie-lee).
played Deathwatch a couple of times live, not pbp, as im new to pbp.
looking forward to play with you guys (if my application is accepted....)

Two days left. I'm liking the apps I see so far.

Some of the apps are looking good but are incomplete. I plan on posting the selection the 21st, but if you've already started an app and need some extra time, shoot me a PM and I'll delay picking until the 22nd.

reading the planetary data slate. a bit confused on what murders we are to investigate, but i assume that will be elaborated on later.

So I haven't heard anything from some of the incomplete applicants so I've decided to go ahead and make the selections. If you've been selected you should have a game invite in your PM inbox. Those of you who didn't make it or didn't finish your application in time, thanks for your interest and I'll keep you in mind if we ever need any replacements.

First IC thread will be going up sometime tomorrow.

And we're off. Feel free to start discussing selecting a leader, that won't have to be finalized until you all set off for the planet.


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