The First Night

The First Night

The evening starts to set in as everyone gets back to their dorm rooms or apartments. It's been an easy enough day with very little to deal with though with lessons starting tomorrow things are set to become more challenging as students get to look forward to returning to their classes to learn while the teachers prepare their lessons and for whatever incidents may lay ahead as a result of the more troublesome of students. It would be another school year that the students and teachers would once again never forget yet for a lot of people on this island, they knew what was coming and were getting ready for the night ahead while teachers wondered if students would be ready for their first day of classes come tomorrow. There was no choice but to see what this night would bring and hope that things wouldn't get out of hand but for some reason these expectations were never met. There's a stillness in the air; some students are making the most of their last few hours before the new day of school begins while others attempt to get some rest hoping that the following day will not be too difficult.

At 10:00 pm the wind starts to pick up as gales start blowing across the island. The sound of the wind can be heard as the sound of thunder emerges from the direction of the central point of the island. Flashes of lightning alight the skies as rain begins to fall. The thunder starts off as small rumbles, the lightning flashes are minor and the rain light but within minutes the scene outside changes to that of a tropical storm with heavy rain lashing at everything it hits loud enough for everyone to hear it; the lightning flashes grow in size across the skies while the intensity of the light grows; lightning strikes become visible around the island striking down with the fury of nature; the rumbles of thunder last longer and become louder with every passing moment. Lights slowly start filling the sky as it starts to become visibly distorted as if paths of light are being refracted as they travel. A light tremor occurs causing things to shake slightly but not enough to cause any harm or damage, though the slight shaking is visible to all across the entire island. Sparks of electricity emerge in the skies as the skies seem to swirl around the island like some sort of vortex.

The skies outside change to varying shades of red while all the lights and electronics on the island flicker on and off, which will cause a few problems for those with clocks as they reset themselves to the flashing 12:00 time. For what seems like hours was nothing more than about 15 minutes as the tremors and storm fade away. However, outside, the skies are still visibly distorted while continuing to swirl around and are still the colour of varying shades of red. All the lights and electronics start to stabilise as finally everything just remains on.

It's as if you are suddenly overcome with so much energy making you feel like you can do so much more than what you would normally be capable of.

She stood atop the school's main building, surveying the grounds below, waiting, watching, taking in all that could be seen. Though the rain fell, she remained dry amidst the storm, silver hair almost glowing from the energies of the peculiar night. The first night was always chaotic, so many new people, so many new auras, the sky thundered and the seas churned, and something was always to come about.


Alex awoke from a wonderful dream of himself taking a nap to an instant pain that swelled in his very soul.A blood curdling scream followed as pain took him. He felt as if he was dying.Every fiber of his being burst with raw unadulterated pain.Falling to the floor he tried to drag himself along to get help only to find that he bore his fingers and nails two inches in to the floor.

The seconds seemed an eternity as he pulled himself to his feet and moved in to the light of his bathroom. Looking down he saw himself. Clawed and hungry...starving. Quickly turning to see the mirror he only saw the world behind him.Dropping to his knees Alex began to dry heave uncontrollably.

His head dropped to the floor as he heaved in and out."Whhhaa....whatss. Happening to me." That's when he felt the tip of a fang extent past his lip.Moving a finger up slowly he touched it ever so gently in disbelief."No nonononononno......I'm dreaming.This is a nightmare."

Alex moved to his feet and ran. In an instant he was on the other side of the room with the journal of his family in his hand.Unable to open the book. The uncontrolled shaking of his body seemed it would never stop.

Jake stands on the sidewalk in front of the main school building, staring up at the sky. His duster flares a little at the wind, but he isn't being hit by the rain, the water just seems to slide away from him in midair, Megumi's hair just visible to him on the roof. He whispers "And so it begins again..." He decides Megumi's vantage point is a better one for the night's activities, and (to those that do see him) apparently reaches up into thin air, grabs hold of something invisible, and is lifted up off the ground. As he sets down by Megumi he voice picks up to raise over the thunder, "It always seems stronger on the first night of school, doesn't it?"

Megumi gives a little nod, hair drifting in the wind. There were already spikes of energy erupting about the island signifying initial discoveries for multiple students, or so she perceived. It would be a stormy night for many.

Her silence was well known as a sticking point with her, less a sign of disrespect or lack of comment and more a raw lack of conversational skills. For now, she simply watched, and waited for the first nega-Para to show up.

Adel wakes around night fall and hears the storm brewing. By 10 she is dressed and searching the halls for Cathrine.

sorry for the short post but since my character doesn't know whats going on its hard to respond to.

Sam's ears home in on Alex's scream, locating him in seconds. He goes into his hero form, leaving a gaping hole in the water of the pool where he had been. Sam soars up into the air, his great wings propelling him upwards, his body turning into the shining beacon that was the Archangel's form. With another thrust, he's through the wall of Alex's room, without apparently damaging it. He hovers in the air beside Alex, the light from his body clearly illuminating the room. "Are you injured?"

Megumi watches Sam make a spectacle and tilts her head slightly at the scene. Generally speaking, when there are newbies involved, over-the-top displays of power might be a bit too much, after all.

That said, she retains her vigil for now, letting Sam deal with his encounter.


Alex sat fumbling with the book in front of him.Even though it was his families journal he had never taken the time to read it all. Instead he skimmed it here and their , but it always seemed to put him to sleep. That was when he felt it. Or rather smelled something force.

"Are you injured?"
Alex turned with a near hiss as his fangs bared and metallic silver eyes seemed to gleam from the light.Instantly his own reaction had frighten him as he dropped the book and began to back away."Don..don't come any closer. Something is going on."

Sam smiles and returns to his normal form. "And here I was thinking I was needed. From the look of you, you would be... Ah, of course. A Fairchilde. What's in the books?" He seems inordinately unconcerned, but genuinely curious about the books.


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