The First Night

Adel Deforest
Adel is moving quickly and turning a corner in one of the corridors, Adel sees Catherine but she appears quite different; there is an aura surrounding her as she is levitating in front of you, the aura is a dark blue / purple as the colours seem to swirl and mix with each other as the colours give off a dark hazy mist from her body that dissipates in to the surrounding environment. Her eyes are like torch lights with a low intensity, completely white and as if emitting a pure white light from each eye, a light that seems to pierce through everything around her; her hair has become fiery red that seems to glisten and it's like her hair is actually on fire as flame like effects cover her hair and lap against the aura surrounding her body. Apart from that, she is still in the same sort of clothing and her voice as she speaks remains the same, "I knew you would find me. I told you the night life was something to behold around here. Soon, the enemy draws near."

Other people are also running about the corridors, many of them running outside to see what is going on while others seem to wander round just accepting what has happened as if it was normal.

Sam Jacobs & Alex Fairchilde
The walls of the room start to shimmer and the walls crumble down bit by bit in to Alex's room. As they do, the bits seem to melt in to a liquid type substance that seem to be drawn to the centre of Alex's room until a little pool of liquid takes form right in the middle of the floor. Slowly, this liquid seems to transform from whatever it was in to a watery type of substance. Ripples start to flow across the surface of this pool yet there are no signs of what could be causing the ripples. The water starts to move as if with a life of its own as it flows over itself over and over again but slowly a shape emerges, a hand of water slowly reaches up. Bit by bit the water shapes itself to give a form as a girl seems to take shape from this water.

With the colour and effect of water as ripples flow over her body and droplets of water seem to drip off of her as the water is constantly reforming and reshaping itself to make this girl's body.
In quite an alluring voice, she speaks, "Hello Sam. So, who's your friend here?"
She seems to have such an innocent, charming yet alluring and seductive smile.
"The water is so nice this evening. Wouldn't you agree Sam?"

Adel stops dead the enemy? cat why are you floating... also how

Adel DeforestCatherine looks at Adel in a manner that almost makes you feel like she's looking through you. She's just maintaining her levitation floating in the air and staring at you. You hear Catherine's voice inside your head, "Take a moment. Close your eyes. Concentrate. Feel the change within and you will find the power. Yes, the one who will enter this world from another world. Another man will arrive who will be on the trail of the enemy but his strength will not be enough."

look, I just want to know what is going on... well at least you came down looks around oh, I guess I'm up Adel looks a little dizzy as her chair lists in the air. ok, flight, thats cool, I can fly, I'm just going to need a minute to deal with that. Wait so there is... ok well do you know where this is going down Adel decides to just roll with it, this is crazy but... well pretty much no but this is crazy and she will have to live with that.

Adel Deforest
You hear Catherine's voice in your head, "You're no longer exactly part of the world you once belonged to. You know about Physics right? That must mean you know about wormhole theories and the ability to create a warp in space that can join multiple points across time, space and reality? Well, you are now standing at the brink of such a space warp, one that connects to countless points. That is what is going on here and this island is currently out of sync with Earth meaning we can't leave the island while this is happening."

In a blinding flash of light that causes you to close your eyes you then open your eyes to find you and Catherine in your room. Again, Catherine's voice inside your head, "I told you earlier to be prepared for the man that would enter your room."

After a few moments, a man seems to fade in to existence as he falls on to your desk.

He's 6'4" tall, is holding a gun that doesn't look like anything you've ever seen on Earth; it could almost be alien technology though the way it has been constructed has similarities to that of Earth designs. His eyes are closed and he currently seems to be unconscious.
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Adel reaches out with the force that held her up and takes the gun, hiding it in her pack and slipping into the hall.

Adel Deforest
As you enter the Hall, there seems to be a constant sound that emerges from your pack and quickly escalates in pitch. Within a few seconds there is the sound of a small explosion originating from your pack as it now seems to be on fire.

shit Adel grabs the bag by the bottom and pours the books and what I assume is now broken bits of gun and starts to beat it out.

Sam looks over in somewhat surprise. "Uhh... He hasn't gotten around to introducing himself yet, but he's a Fairchilde, so he's probably Alex. You do, however, have us at a disadvantage... Wait... What do you mean? Were you in the pool with me??"


Alex was still back against the wall as this person in his room began asking about his family journal. "What's going on?" Were the only words Alex could manage as the floor began to form in to a liquid person. Dropping his butt to the floor Alex seemed to grab a measure of composure as he began to turn the pages of the book. "No no no , it can't be right. I'm a Fairchilde ....we hunt them."

Alex dropped the book and looked to the two in his room. Their very life essence pulsed through their bodies and Alex could feel it...almost taste it's sweet nectar."What's going on around here? Why is this happening? I'm a freak'n monster."


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