The First Night

Megumi remained on the rooftop, simply watching, waiting. As far as starting nights go, this one seemed rather uneventful.

Megumi and JakeA dozen skateboarders roll past on the sidewalk, all of their hair apparently turned into one of the four 'base' elements (water, air, earth, fire). A few look up and wave at the Megumi and Jake, who remember the group from previous years.

Megumi locked eyes with them as she gave her usual shy wave, tracking them as they moved along the path before resuming her vigil.

Megumi Hayabara & Jake Rovanov
There's a strange sensation in the air, a force of energy that seems to be moving along with the air. Its presence is subtle yet it can be felt.

The feeling passes by you and the energy you feel seems to be heading towards the boys dormitories. Sparks of electrical energy flow around the boys dormitory and then everything falls silent once more.

Sam Jacobs & Alex Fairchilde
"I am connected to everything on this island including the pool area. I have been watching you for some time Sam. I am but a simple water spirit given form and wanted to spend time with you having some fun. You do want to have fun don't you?"
She looks at Alex as this small pool of water extends towards Alex's feet, "Do come in, I can give you everything you desire. The water is so sensual and we could have such fun in here together."
She smiles and giggles and beckons Alex in to the water.

Megumi pauses a moment and her sight trails towards the boys' dorm, she looks about it a moment before locking onto something. She says simply "There." before-

-Megumi looked the water being over a little from the desk she was sitting on, there now, where she wasn't before, as if she had been there the whole time. Every time she teleported, it was like that. No flash, no poof, simply existing now where she didn't beforehand. Her golden eyes were locked on the being of water, however, unerring, unwavering.

Adel Deforest
Broken bits of melted gun and charred objects now scatter the floor with the pack containing some new burn marks but the fire is now out.
Catherine seems to be paying no attention to you and the pack and instead seems to be focused on this man patting him in an attempt to wake him up.

Hey tie him up before you try to wake him up, he is the guy from your... um... proficy, i got his gun away but. Adel starts collecting up the pieces, they jump into her hands then she drops them back into the pack, she can buy new books but this is unique.

Adel Deforest
Catherine doesn't turn to look at you, "This one is not the enemy. I do not know where the enemy is."

Most people are awake now and there is plenty of commotion and noise as people are screaming trying to come to termswith what is happening.

Sam Jacobs, Megumi Hayabara & Alex Fairchilde
Lucas enters the room, a look of shock and horror on his face. As you look at him, although he remains almost completely the same, his right arm seems to have merged with his gun as the skin around his right arm seems to have become metallic and attached firmly to his arm is some sort of ranged beam weapon. He hasn't even taken notice of the water spirit, "WHAT'S GOING ON HERE?!"
Lucas looks like he's on the verge of a nervous breakdown.

"Oh, hello Megumi. Now, everyone listen up. I know some of you haven't been here before, so this will all be quite confusing for you. Here, on this island at night, the world changes. I don't know exactly why, but we're right in the middle of the Bermuda Triangle, so I'll let your imaginations run." He takes a deep breath. "One of the side effects of being here at night is what you're experiencing now. It's not just the world that changes. It's us too." As he speaks, Sam starts to glow. "We gain power from the island." Some kind of celestial armour starts to unfold from his body onto him. The exact location where it starts from is impossible to pinpoint. "We gain abilities that no-one else is capable of doing." Glowing white tendrils extend from his back, hovering in the air seemingly at random. "I had, I guess you could say, the fortune to grow up here, to be used to this. I've lived with these nights my entire life." The armour finishes unfolding and locks into place. "Thus, I have learned how to control my powers. You two have to do the same. What, exactly, your powers are, I cannot tell you. They do, however, seem to relate to what you find closest to your heart. Alex, your vampirism is just unfortunate genetics. I would suggest you do not try to feed on anyone. I believe we have facilities for helping with that." Sam's body slowly fades away, leaving just the armour and a glowing hood. "Now, there are many other students here who will be just as confused as you guys. Some will use their powers to try and help others. Some won't. With the number of new students here tonight, I'm going to need some help in keeping them under control. Would you guys be willing to help me?"

wha? hu? but? I stole his gun because you told me that this was the bad guy.


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