The First Night

Jake sighs after Megumi disappears, he'd have to get there the 'long' way. He turns to see an almost medieval-looking catapult appear behind him, and hops onto the launching arm. A half second later he is hurtling through the air towards the boy's dorms, and the catapult disappears behind him. Landing on movie-style airbag (which also appears and disappears) he's down to the floor with the others in time for the end of Sam's speech. "students aren't are primary concern right now, something's coming."

Megumi nods at Jakes comment and glances about slowly with her piercing, emotionless eyes, as if searching the small room for some unseen foe. Sam had effectively summed everything up, and while this was likely confusing for people, Megumi didn't really have any way to relate. After all, her first night of this was very natural for her. Eventually they will get into the right mindset, she thought.


Alex stared at everyone gather in disbelief."Bad genetics..? So you are telling me the deal my family made all those years ago was to become vampire. My family hunts monsters not become them." Alex looked down at his clawed shaking hands. "I think you people are all F*&K'n crazy. Whatever is going on is not possible."

Alex stood grabbing his families journal in shaky hands."I ...I need some air." In a blur of motion Alex was outside before he even realized it looking upon the sky in
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disbelief. "What? How in the world." Alex stood fumbling through the journal once more. Looking towards the entry of his families past dealing with the first. "No no no. This can't be right Alex."

Alex Fairchilde, Sam Jacobs, Megumi Hayabara & Jake Rovanov
The Water Spirit starts looking a bit upset, "Why is everyone ignoring me?"
She crosses her arms and tries to turn away from everyone, "Well if you all hate me that much, perhaps I'll return to the pool or maybe the Hot Springs and see who will want to play with me."
Lucas actually faints as his body collapses to the floor showing signs of complete shock.

Adel Deforest
In your mind you hear Catherine's words as she continues her attempts to wake the man, "I don't recall specifically stating an enemy, more that you should beware a man entering your room, especially had you not been prepared and he may have thought you an enemy considering this is not his world."
Suddenly Catherine shivers as though feeling something, she stops, lifts her head and simply stares ahead while the man wakes up. He screams in shock at Catherine and reaches for where his gun should be not finding anything there.
Quickly composing himself he shouts, "Who are you? Where am I? Where is the criminal I am hunting?"
Still looking on edge and slightly afraid of what you may do to him, he moves slowly away from both of you to keep some distance.

"We're not ignoring you. You just still haven't told us your name," Sam says, as he checks on Lucas.

you just came into my room, no one else came through.

Megumi vanishes once more as if she were never there, once more, silence and absence left where she was.

"Damn it, she must have seen where it is... But which way?!" He points at Sam and Lucas as he says to the water spirit "If you want to help, then help make sure he's still alive." He then speeds out the door to the corridor and leans heavily out the window, looking all around for any signs of more-than-usual disturbance.

Adel Deforest
The man gets out some ID documents, "My name is Kaidin Zell, I am a Special Operative of Division 7 of the Gamma Branch of the Psion Hunters. We are a Special Task Force assigned with keeping Psionic users under control and hunting down criminals who utilise psionic powers. My gun has the capacity to shut down people who utilise psionic powers and I have no idea where it is. Have you seen it?"
While introducing himself, his eyes keep darting towards Catherine and in a cautious and defensive tone, "You seem to possess psionic powers yourself girl. Are you with the enemy?"
As Catherine just stares at the man he seems to just look at her, nod his head and seems to calm down a bit.
At that point, a fairy seems to come flying in to the room.

The fairy seems to sparkle as bits of sparkly glistening ice flakes fall, "Peace and love to all. How are you all today? I hope you're spreading the joys of peace and love."

Sam Jacobs & Alex Fairchilde
The water spirit looks to Sam momentarily then looks away, pauses and then turns around, "So, what name would you like to give me?"
At that moment, a blast of fire seems to sweep by the doorway in the corridor and standing in the doorway is another elemental girl bathed in fire.

The girl of fire shakes her head a bit as she looks at te water spirit, "Hello sister, so this is where I find you and trying to seduce boys in the dorm."


Alex stood outside staring at the journal in his hands."Why here? Why now?As if my family's name was not curse enough." Alex had no idea why this was happening, but it seemed that Sam had some knowledge. Heading back towards the room Alex moved a bit slower this time. Unsure as to why the chaos of the world seemed to follow him.

Then as he neared his room and turned the corner he saw it. Fire ...moving living fire."Oh great just what I need room burning down." Something inside him clicked as he felt a pain in his stomach again. He could feel it all around him, and it made him hunger.

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