The First Night

Once she realizes that this guy is trying to act like a police officer Adel's mind went into motion "Can I see some identification and do you have a warrant to be in my room alone with a weapon? Is that standard procedure in division 7? To come alone to a young girls room and start making veiled threats? "
Dice Roll: 1d20+21
d20 Results: 13 (Total = 34)
persuade roll

Sam looks up at the new arrival. "Hm... I'm guessing there are more of your family? It'd be a little odd to just have Aqua and Ignis." Having decided that Lucas has simply passed out, Sam retrieves some water from the tap and throws it on his face. "Let's see... they'd be Terra, certainly, and probably either Ventus or Aeris. Come on Lucas, wake up."

Sam Jacobs & Alex Fairchilde
Lucas starts to wake up, you hear him mumbling and then slowly his voice stirs as Lucas reaches his hand up to clutch on to Sam, "I was having this really weird dream. I was dreaming that....."
His voice trails off as his eyes open further, he's stunned in to silence as he just stares at what's going on and as if needing to confirm things to himself to make sense of it all, "That's right. It's all just a dream. Nothing to worry about. As if all of this could really be happening. It's all just some strange dream concocted by my mind and when I wake up I'll realise that none of this was real. That's it, if I throw myself out of a window then when I hit the ground I'll wake up in my soft, warm bed and this will have been nothing but a weird dream. Just what was that stuff I ate for dinner?"
Lucas seems to have a bit of a crazed expression on his face that started becoming more relaxed as he was convincing himself it was all just a dream.
The water spirit playfully agrees with Lucas, "That's right. It's all just a dream." She then reaches out to Sam, "So, what fun do you want to get up tonight?" She gives a playful wink and smile at Sam while attempting to wrap her watery arms around Sam's neck.
The fire spirit's eyes meet Alex's eyes, her flames seem to get brighter and more ferrocious as she charges at Alex with her arms outstretched towards Alex, "My love. Let us be together forever. My passion burns for you and only you."

Adel Deforest
The man looks around more clearly at his surroundings as he suddenly seems quite shocked and taken aback by the situation, "A G...g...girl's room? Look Miss, if I can call you Miss, I believe there has been a misunderstanding. Unfortunately I don't have a warrant to search the rooms of young girls, not that I'd want to be searching the rooms of young girls for obvious reasons, not that I'm saying there's anything wrong with being a young girl or that you're not worth men investigating your room as I'm sure any man would consider it a privilege to be in your room, not that I'm saying you encourage that sort of behaviour from men because I'm sure you don't, not that you couldn't if you wanted to. He's looking quite flustered and panicked as he drops to his knees and starts bowing to Adel, "Please forgive me. I never intended to enter your room. It was an accident, I was chasing a criminal through an alley and then everything went black and then I awoke here. I really don't know how I got here. I promise I'll find a way to make it up to you."
He's on his hands and knees in front of Adel with his head bowed to the floor clearly waiting for Adel to forgive him.
The fairy says to Adel, "You know, you really should forgive him. Love and peace will conquer all."
With that the fairy flies through the walls in to the neighbouring rooms along the corridor.
Catherine stands still staring at the man as Adel hears Catherine's voice inside her head, "It really wasn't his intent to appear here. He speaks the truth."
With that, a bright blinding flash of light fills the room.

Adel Deforest, Sam Jacobs & Alex FairchildeA bright flash of light fills the room and corridor as Adel, Catherine and a man on his hands and knees before Adel appear by the doorway to Alex's room.
As the fire spirit closes in on Alex, Catherine just stares at Alex, an intense glare in her eyes.

Adel looks around "You know what I believe you." Trying not to move when she does it Adel attacks the fire creature attempting to push it out of the way.
Dice Roll: 1d20
d20 Results: 11
I don't know what to add, also my power has subtle so i should be able to do it without attracting attention.

Jake pulls his body back into the hallway, and stares back at the crowd behind him, his eyepatch lifted up to show a perfectly normal looking eye. His voice is a little heavy, "Will you guys please stop wasting time? If you feel like helping sometime tonight, follow me." He steps to the middle of the floor as he flips the eyepatch back over his eye, and crouches down to place his hand on the floor. He then drops through a perfect circle of the floor that just disappeared, leaving a clear view down to the next level, the others already see him repeating the process. --Apparently he doesn't think much of the school's elevators.


Alex holds up his hands in disbelief as the flame chick rushes for a fiery embrace. Doing his best to jump out of the way send him
Leaping 3 STR 8
crashing through the wall of the room next to him."Ow owowo. What the hell is happening."

Aqua has no luck with her quest - her tendrils pass straight through. "Please miss, if you're not going to help this poor boy, just sit back for a sec. There are so many new people here that I don't have the time for interruptions. Now, Lucas, I'm sorry but this isn't a dream. You're going to have to accept that this happens every night, no matter what. I would, however, suggest you go back to your room and have some sleep. It'd certainly do you a world of good. When you start to get used to this... occurrence, then you can start running around and trying your powers." Sam looks up as Jake departs. "I'll be with you in a second."

Alex Fairchilde
As you speak without having taken notice of the room you're in, your face gets licked by a strange Wolf-looking boy dressed up like a Ninja.

He asks in a gruff dog-like voice, "You alright there buddy?"
He then starts sniffing you.

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