The Annoying Journey - Sam

The Annoying Journey - Sam

Journey whistled as he walked through the small narrow street. As he'd been in dirtier, more unpleasant streets before, he didn't pause to pay any particular attention to the dirty walls, the uneven ground (except to avoid puddles that could drown a horse), or the hostile glares the locals were giving him. It was going well. From all he'd heard of Cold Harbor, he was mildly surprised that no one had tried to throw him into jail yet, or off the cliffs.

The ocean's roar as it slammed against the cliffs could be heard all over the small walled town, sending spray into the air to be blown about by the strong winds. It wasn't raining, though, so he paid that no mind, either.

Something told him to go into the Golden Peach, so he did. Journey always listened to his gut, except where women were concerned. Instincts were just rubbish whenever the fairer sex was part of the picture. So was listening to other things, but you couldn't have everything.

Knocking his boots off on the side of the door, he stepped into the common room and spotted Sam immediately. He stopped by the bar, grabbed a bottle of red wine and two glasses, then helped himself to a seat opposite of her. "Morning," he said cheerfully, pouring himself a glass, then pushing the bottle her way.

Samantha sat alone, waiting for her entourage to awaken. It was early by some standards, though not Cold Harbor - almost everyone in the town would be to work already, or at the very least wrapping up breakfast. She had, or course, been up for hours, already finished exercizing, and was just sitting in a corner reading when the familiar face entered. She stood when he approached her table and gave a polite nod of acknowledgement. Journey was an avatar after all, and had never done anything that she ought to be upset about (at least not that she knew of.) Whatever it was about the gods in general that had angered her, she seemed to have forgotten.

As the bottle of wine slid her way, Sam eyed it with a smirk. "Good morning." She sounded pleasant and relaxed. "It is indeed morning though, so I think I'll decline the drink for now. It's a bit too early in the day for me for that, but thank you. Perhaps some other time." The book closed and disappeared into her bag. "What brings you here to me today?"

Journey shrugged, taking back the bottle. "I don't trust any water I haven't thoroughly inspected," he said decisively with a grin, taking a large swallow of his wine. "All kinds of bad stuff in water. Nothing in wine. Besides, I thought you'd want to toast with me. I have good news - Conner and Selarenia are finally getting married. They'd like you to come to the wedding. I'm here to provide transportation should you want to. Gods know you'd have a hard enough time getting to the Trade Islands without me."

"Oh, well in that case," Sam poured a glass for herself and held it up. "Conner has dragged his feet in getting there, but I'm sure they'll be happy together." With a click of her glass to his she took a small sip. It wasn't very good wine (you couldn't get good wine in Cold Harbor) but it served its purpose. She coughed slightly and set the glass back down. "Of course I want to go to the wedding. If Conner didn't strangle me for not showing up, Cady would. When is it?"

"A few days," Journey said with a grin. He'd long since mastered the art of savoring poor wine. It was all about enjoying the flavors of sour and bitter and, most important, Bad. "I can come back and get you, or take you today. Conner said there was lodging for those who wanted to stick around. If you ask real nicely, he might even let you sleep on his new boat."

"A few days," she choked on the words. "O-okay. Can my guards come as well? I'd hate to leave them here without me."

Sam chuckled, "Johan sent them to watch over me. It's a long journey from Shallon to here. Also," she leaned foward and whispered conspiritorially, "I get lost in my own tent. I needed a guide." Sam sat back again. "And friends to keep me from getting lonely out in the wilderness all alone. They're all of those things."

"Ah," Journey said, nodding. He knew all about the long road and getting lost. "Well, I see no reason why your friends can't come. There isn't a barracks for Helminites in the Trade Islands, but I'm sure we can find somewhere to stash them if there isn't room at the wedding."

Sheldon chose that moment to stumble downstairs, rubbing his eyes. He'd managed to pull on his shirt and trousers, though both of them were rather wrinkled. He peered bleerily at Journey, his hand instinctively going to where his sword should have been. "Whoryou? Sam, whyer drinking? Didn't know you did. At all. Ever."

Sam couldn't help but laugh - Shelton was so cute when he'd just woken up. She stood, "this is Journey. Journey, this is Shelton. We were just toasting my sister, Sel. She's getting a few days. It seemed like an appropriate occassion. Journey has been kind enough to offer transportation."


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