The Annoying Journey - Sam

Of the three of them, only Amanda looked surprised to see Sam striding through the door. Toby didn't even look over at her and the Servant didn't even blink - he just kept on cleaning up some sort of spill on the ground, working on his knees. Still, the Princess recovered quickly. "You wouldn't be saying that if you had to be around all of them once they were up." Amanda grinned and came over, giving Sam a quick hug.

Toby's jaw clenched - a clear sign he didn't want to answer Sam's question. "It's Crow business, Sam. Nothin' ya need to worry about."

"Heaven forbid a Chosen get involved,"
Karthias said dryly, wringing his rag into a nearby bucket, completely ignoring the glare Toby sent his way.

Samantha hugged Amanda tightly, but let her go when she pulled away. "Chosens, pshhh, what do they know. Sam on the other hand is deeply invested in the wellbeing of every person in this house. She's gonna be pissed if she finds out that you're hiding dangerous secrets from her." Toby was already being manhandled by the end of the statement, and Sam didn't let go.

Her brother would tell her when he was ready, so she changed the subject. "I just found out that Sel is getting married in a few days. Journey has offered transportation, so I'm leaving in a little over two hours. I'm sorry that I'll have to wake everyone up Amanda, but I do want to say goodbye to all of them before I go."

"Hurgh," Toby said from his place smashed in Sam's arms. Jabbing her in the side, he wriggled out of her grasp, tugging at his clothes to straighten them. "Well, we're goin' too, then. Not all, course. Me n' Amanda, if she wants to go."

"It would be my pleasure to accompany you,"
Karthias said, then sighed reluctantly. "Alas, someone must care for the young. I do thank you for the kind invitation though."

Amanda smirked. "I'd love to come."

Sam tussled Toby's hair playfully. "Oh. I didn't think you'd be interested, but if you want to, I won't try to argue you out of it. Do you need Journey's help getting there, or will you come on your own then?"

Toby snorted and scooted away from Sam, swatting at her hand. "Course I'm interested. I went to Cady's wedding, didn't I? Don't even like that bitch. Not gonna miss Conner's - he's quality, as is Sel. I'll punch any that says other."

"I've never traveled by Avatar,"
Amanda said, her head tilting. "What's Journey like."

"He's..." Sam faultered, at a loss for words. "He's..." She wasn't sure what words to use to describe the avatar. "He's a nice guy...curious...seems easy going enough. I'm going to start waking the kids up. If you're coming with me, be ready in two hours." She started up the stairs.

"We'll be ready," Toby called up after her, then muttered, "I'm gonna kick Conner's ass for not inviting me."

Most of the children slept upstairs together in a rather large open room. Stacked beds lined the walls and the windows were all kept free and unshuttered. When Sam peaked in, she saw most of the beds occupied. A single black feather lay on the pillows that were empty, and a young girl stood in the middle of the room, blinking at Sam. "Are you leaving again, Sam?" Tabitha asked softly, ratty brown hair snarled and knotted. Not all of the new Servant's changes had taken hold, yet.

There was no use in beating around the bush. "I'm afraid so." Sam stepped closer and knelt down in front of the girl. A sad look came over her face, which was appropriate because she was sad. Going back to the rest of the world meant more pain and confusion, and fighting a war she couldn't even begin to understand, let alone win. "I have responsibilities, and people waiting for me to return. What's going on out there didn't stop because I left it and it's time I got back. This time it's my choice though, and not because Toby doesn't want me around." She didn't move closer to snatch Tabitha up into a hug in order to ease the aching lump in her chest, but instead held her arms open as an invitation.

Tabitha beamed and flung her arms around Sam's neck, planting a kiss on her cheek. "I'm glad. Toby's a jerk when you're mad at him."

Sam laughed and held the small girl tight. "I'm going to miss you." Tears, a mingle of happy and sad, slipped down her cheek. She leaned back to sit down, still holding Tabitha against her. "It's a long way from anywhere to here, but I'll try to come back to visit if I can."


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