Pop Culture (and others)

Pop Culture (and others)

I drop a fair number of references of one sort or another. If you can recognize them post here with citations both from the game and the reference. If you get it first, and I intentionally dropped it, I'll keep score here, and run a library for them. Keep it private folks

And we have our first cited reference.

Omega (and Genesis) both have Biblical connotations, though they are also greek more generally. Language and names are rather important to me, you all may find out.
We have a Mork citing, most recently half of Gorkamorka the orc god(s) from the Warhammer universe, though more recognizably by Mork and Mindy.
Kobolds Ate my Babies!
Magellan- Explorer and first man to circumnavigate the planet, kinda.
We have a confirmed Redshirt sighting
And a Dune Sleeper/Dreamer reference as well (Just finished that book for the first tie a few weeks ago, great book)
Sonja sighting


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