OOC: In the Beginning...

OOC: In the Beginning...

Hey guys and welcome to Minions of Evil! I'm still getting organized, but I figured we could go ahead with the invites and party construction.

At this point, I have two issues.

1. This party is, in my opinion, a little light on heavy melee PCs. You have a barbarian (new build, defender striker class), a bard, an assassin, a CON-based warlock, and a psion. If it were me, I would seriously consider having somebody take a Defender multi-class feat or something like that that enables you to mark something or just go a little heavier for those times when that's appropriate. For example, the Paladin multiclass feat enables you to use Divine Challenge once/encounter. The Swordmage multi-class feat enables you to increase your AC via Swordmage Warding for an entire encounter once/day. It's up to you, of course, but I fear your "squishies" are gonna get squished.

2. The other potential solution to this problem is to invite a 6th Player. The upside of having 6 is that when someone inevitably disappears, we'll still be set with 5. This is the main-most reason I'm considering it.

The downsides of 6 PCs are twofold: 1) the encounters are a little slower and more drawn out. 2) The game is naturally balanced for a party of 4 or 5. Having a 6th PC changes the dynamic quite a bit, resulting in, well, more work for your ever-lovin' GM. At Sellswords, we've played with both several times, and I think we all agree that the game runs a little better with 5.

Lastly, this game is starting at 2nd Level for story reasons, but I plan to give out double XP initially, and more to the point, I think the game is basically more fun when you have a nice selection of Encounter powers. So you'll advance quickly. We may even skip whole levels. Hell, I've been mulling over the idea of skipping the Paragon Tier in its entirety and vaulting straight to Epic once we get through my initial story ideas.

So. I have to draw a few maps and otherwise finish setting up the first encounter set. If you'd like a homework assignment to keep you busy and get a feel for each other, I can do that. Otherwise, please talk amongst yourselves and finish designing your characters.

Thanks. And welcome aboard.

Hey DannoE,

My bard has the Swordmage multiclass, so it's not all that bad. And I'm planning to make him a melee and implement bard. In fact, I already finished up his stat sheet. The only piece of equipment is his harp of sleeping (so, kind of crap unless the party wants to sneak), but otherwise, it's done.

Hey howdy! I'll be trying out the barbarian berserker. It's basically a hybrid defender and striker. As a defender, he has a cool aura (similar to the knights aura) with a decent punishment. Also, with the aura up, he gets an AC bonus. Between that a feat, he'll have AC 22...which is pretty good for a defender with no armor!

I need to decide if I want to go the route of extertise feats or an weapon. Fullblade, Gouge, or Executioner's axe, of course. Go big or go home.

Assuming the assassin is a melee assassin, he/she and my character will need to be joined at the hip. It would be good to have an off-tank to help on occasion.

I will have my character sheet done today (if my kids let me sit in front of my PC long enough). I'm open to a homework assignment to help pass the time.

HFLep, just a few comments on your build. You might want to consider staggering note. I play a high-level bard (level 22) and we have a couple of melee folks that hit like Mack trucks. I spam staggering note as my default attack. My best "damage" attacks is to get a striker or defender to crack the enemy with a MBA.

You might consider a harsh songblade too (daily daze on a hit with a thunder power).

But honestly, I never thought Misdirected Mark would be useful and I can't think of a better power for this party. So maybe wait on staggering note until we are higher level.

Question: are we using 22 pt buy to build characters? Any house rules (beyond themes and itemless rules, which is in the ad) that we need to worry about?

While Tarner doesn't deal melee damage, he's often going to be right up on the front line, because he's got a lot of HP and decent defenses, plus he can make the most out of his damage by using Prime Shot to help him hit, Warlock's Curse for extra damage, then Hellish Rebuke and take damage, which is either 3d6+8 or 4d6+8 damage in one turn, depending on how you want to interpret Warlock's Curse (Hellish Rebuke, he takes extra damage due to WC. Someone else's turn, they hit me, enemy takes another 1d6+4 damage, which may or may not proc Warlock's Curse's extra damage again)

Character sheet mostly done (it assumes 22 pt. buy and just the house rules I knew about). I may tweak the magic item from an inescapable fullblade to vanguard's fullblade (not sure how much he'll be charging). I decided to go fullblade over expertise feat. I eventually need to take expertise (+1 to hit is +1 to hit), but I'd really like to get world serpent's grasp to take advantage of his at-will slow power.

Comments are always welcome! Not sure if I like his daily power or not.

You know, I'm not so sure about taking the Student of the Plague feat just yet; It makes me feel like I'm wasting a feat, seeing how I didn't take any of the Spellscarred Powers. I might just switch it to Improved Dark One's Blessing, then either retrain or get Student of the Plague at 4. Yes, Student of the Plague gives me a little bit of darkvision, but it's only 1 square in each direction, so unless something's right in front of my face I'm not going to see it. Or I could get Improved Initiative, because getting to go first is always a plus, and I only have +1 Initiative without it.

I thought Student of the Plague was free because you didn't choose a theme...


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