Leader Selection & Oath Taking

Leader Selection & Oath Taking

This thread is semi-OOC to facilitate selecting a leader and taking a mission oath without bogging down the game thread with a lot a discussion.

So, as per the rulebook, the players are free to select their leader. Keep in mind that while the player who is the leader doesn't have any authority over the actions of other players, if the team becomes stuck in an intractable disagreement I will ask that player to make a decision to keep the game from becoming stuck. In all honesty don't anticipate that happening, as usually I find players are quite able to to hash out such things without much trouble.

Mechanically, remember that beyond serving as a "tie-break", the leader can also repair squad cohesion and can put the kill-team in squad mode rapidly, so it is advisable to make a character with a high Fellowship and/or Command skill the leader.

Once a leader has been selected, the team will have to choose an oath for the mission as appropriate. Discuss the selection here.

So, it's between Astartes, Emperor, Glory, and Loyalty for Oaths, right? I like the Squad Mode abilities available in Oath to the Emperor, and we could always use a bonus to WP. What do you guys think?

I prefer Oath of Glory as a default option. It has squad mode abilities that suit every type of marine, and that's not true of all the oaths.

I myself perfer oath of the astartes myself. while getting renown is useful, i think with access to tactical spacing, we have a better defensive options as well.

Well I'm casting my vote for Astartes, but I've only been in one Deathwatch game and it died before any of us used Squad Mode so I don't know what works and what doesn't in this.

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