Mission Briefing

Artemis Marr watched as the Rouge Trader walked away down the corridor. The apothecary had questions for the Lan about the mission at hand and the deaths on Auran, but held his tongue. However Brother Androcles was correct, the time for inquiry can be done in the confines of the rouge trader's ship on the voyage to the planet, instead of delaying the group. Artemis had no idea what to make of the Ultramarine, but perhaps the voyage to Auran will uncover more information on the kill-team's leader.

Artemis recalled the events that occurred since the mission briefing with Captain Bloodaxe.

After being dismissed, Artemis returned to his cell in the Watch Fortress Erioch and hailed several chapter serfs. With ritual oaths and prayers, each black cerimite piece of his newly painted Corvus armor was secured and fastened. After suit was fully assembled and the proper rituals performed Marr dismissed the serfs and inspected himself. The golden pauldron of the Imperial Fists shone in contrast to the utter darkness of the black armor and the silver pauldron devoid of any other color. The coppery smell of blood intensified, from the blue stained blood streaks that stained the armor. The blood, which was that of countless tyranid creatures of the hive fleet Leviathan refused to be removed from the armor after multiple attempts, and was bafflingly still visible under the new coat of paint. It chilled soul of Artemis to think of the battle at the Fortress of Syionide, and the blood remained as a reminder of that costly campaign. After several quick checks on the drills and syringes of his narthecium and reductor, snatched up his scrimshaw tools then he quickly made his way to the forge.

With a quick word with the quartermaster and the master of the forge, Artemis was issued his new bolter. While normally used to the high quality weapons normally available to him through the imperial fists, the bolter issue today was of exceptional quality. After checking the functionality of the new chain attachment, he retrieved a climbing harness and an auspex. If the apothecary had to be stranded in the middle of the tropical forests of Auran, he would do it by being prepared. He then made his way to the medicae ward.

The medicae Ward was filled with several other apothecaries and marines, and a drug dispensing center. With the proper file work, Marr retrieved several useful drugs for the mission. Before leaving, Marr leaned over the counter to whisper the special request to the apothecary on the other side. Marr recalled The other marine's curious expression, but handed Marr with an unmarked metal vial, with an unspoken understanding.
Artemis patted the pouch near his waist to confirm its existance.

Marr then reassembled with the rest of the kill-team at the training range. He remained unspoken at the meeting with Lan, and remained so when entering the rouge trader's ship

He turned to his the kill-team. While is it not strange for Artemis to encounter and work with Astartes of different chapters and lineages, never had he joined in such a diverse group.

Brothers. I believe we should make use of our long voyage to Auran to find as much as we can of the situation at hand. However at the moment i wish to familiarize myself with med bay on the ship. What pray you, my brothers, are your opinions on our esteemed hosts?

"Seems a decent enough sort; for a Rogue Trader, at least." Eldgrim shrugged. "Believes in the Crusade and is willing to help. Although he could have just been shanghaied by the Inquisition or talked into it by the Navy. I doubt I will enjoy the stateroom, but I imagine it is closer to the bridge and other important parts of the ship than the brig. Probably easier to find your way around from the staterooms as well. Allfather-knows I always get lost on starships.

"Still; problematic personal navigation and practicality aside - I hope he is not the sort of person who believes that small meals are a necessity to be 'fashionable' - old Yngvar says he almost starved to death when he was accompanying a Rogue Trader during his time with the Deathwatch. All because the fellow believed 'petite' meals were all the rage among the nobility of the sub-sector."

Brother Camael folds his arms. "I like him. I don't approve of rogue traders as a group, but his priorities seem to be in order. Any man who serves the Emperor - even in an indirect capacity - deserves some respect. " The Blood Drinker looks around at the ship and shrugs. "I don't know what to make of this."

He seems quite comfortable admitting it.

Brother-Sergeant Androcles

"I find the rogue trader to be a man of many contradictions..." Androcles rubbed his chin thoughtfully with one gauntleted hand. "He surrounds himself with such decadence unbefitting of a servant of the Emperor, yet he goes out of his way to assist the Crusade wherever possible. He affords us lavish staterooms that we do not require, but neglects to perform basic maintenance on his own servitors. His ship is covered in gold and opulent designs, but each marks a scar taken in battle." he thought aloud, listing several examples of what he meant. "Truly I do not know what to think of Diaz Lan, but this is his ship so we should show him every respect while we are aboard." he decided.

"If Brother Eldgrim is staying in the staterooms, then I suggest we all do. This is still an unfamiliar ship and I do not think we should split up for the time being. If, like me, you find it too...comfortable...for your liking, I suggest sleeping on the floor. I doubt the beds were constructed with Astartes in mind anyway." Androcles chuckled. "I think we should familiarize ourselves with the ship first, but tomorrow morning ship-time we will rise and resume our normal schedule with morning prayer at 0400. I will talk to the Trader about finding somewhere with reinforced bulkheads where we may perform our bolter drills and battle practice."

Artemis nods towards Brother Androcles. Then if there is nothing more, i am going to make myself acquainted with the accommodation. I may later spend some time later inspecting the medical bay and procuring any useful information from there.

Without another word Artemis trudged along the corridor to the guest rooms, pointed out by the Rouge Trader. While Artemis did want to get on the mission as soon as possible, he realized a month in transit will give him alot of free time. Imperial Fists, in general hate unnocupied for large periods of time as it leads to brooding, and Artemis Marr was no exception. Perhaps if Lans could locate some training area as Andocrles mentioned, Artemis could vent out some of the frustration, or spend the rest of the time scrimshawing Issiac's bones. Too bad he didnt think to bring a pain glove to meditate through.

Camael gives their interim leader the sign of the aquila and also turns to depart.

"After I store my gear, I think I'll take a tour of the ship, see the workers. It never hurts to put on an appearance with the civilians - raise their spirits a little, let them know their labors are appreciated. This is a Crusade vessel, in a manner of speaking."

Where some space marines see themselves as better than the general populace of the Imperium, Camael appears to look forward to chatting with the locals.


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