Fortune's Fascinating Flings

Fortune's Fascinating Flings

Hey Ayeba,

This is Fortune's private thread.

Ayeba, about your request in the main thread:

First and foremost, the library isn't exactly super-accessible to lay slaves. Even if you got in, you would have to make a stealth check to actually hide something in it without anyone finding it.

Secondly, if you really want to talk to Tailen, I won't stop you, but I would recommend you thinking it over a bit. She is really very unsatisfied with your group's performance right now. She had Lucan for a while, and he knew exactly what you know, and most likely spilled the beans under torture already. 'Nymeria' gave him over without worrying about it.

So, if you still want to do this, I'll proceed.

Well, there's one thing I as a player am uncertain about. Tailen has been described as "fair". But if she's got a horrible temper, it doesn't matter how fair she can be when she's angry.

The library is not necessary by any stretch. She just needs some writing tools and parchment. She can also hide the document in pretty much any place she knows it will be found eventually, and that she can describe without any risk of misunderstanding to the recipient.

Lucan had only the knowledge the group possessed before they met the fake Nymeria. I believe Fortune has more knowledge about this now than he did, but not necessarily enough to make up for it.

Instead of proceeding with the plan immediately, she will start out by discreetly ask about Lucan, and if he is still alive, seek him out.

By the way, the reason I did not react more to Lucan being taken was to allow a smoother transition between players. That is, I as a player has the metaknowledge that Lucan needed to be removed from the group somehow. Making a big fuss over it seems to only accomplish one goal: Making the GM's life slightly harder. With that said, I do realize that it's not exactly fantastic roleplaying on our part. Fortunately, we had not exactly gotten intimate with him yet.

It's not a problem. Lucan's going to die. You'd find that out fairly quickly. The tortures he would through would have been slow and painful. The only reason he'd be kept alive is to make sure he suffers as much as he can, since Tailen wanted to punish all of you, and got just one. So she's gotta squeeze five times the pain out of him to compensate.

How hard is it to get to Tailen's chambers? Actually, how far away from Nymeria's dominion is Tailen? Is it possible to simply write her a letter and deliver it, personally or otherwise, to her? Eliminates the need to actually speak to her.

Sure. Every higher ranked member of the house has her own chambers--remember, the mansion is more like a set of interconnected caves than anything else. You can slip it under the door.

Fortune will first write the letter outlining everything and hide it somewhere she knows it won't be easily found while still being very easy to describe.

Then she will write three letters. First, a letter of apology to Tailen, where she says she is simply sorry for their lack of competence.

Second, a letter explaining to Tailen what their next task will be. She will ask if Tailen has any specific orders for them.

Third, a letter outlining all she knows about Nymeria. Pretty much what I've explained above.

She will carry all three letters with her. First, she will assert that Nymeria is not even remotely close to Tailen's chambers.

When that is done, she will make her way to Tailen's chambers. If stopped, she will try to bluff that she was going to hand in the letter of apology. Failing that, she will (veeery reluctantly) reveal the second letter, but only if confronted with threats and the like.

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