Tanner's Tortured Teepee

Tanner's Tortured Teepee

Hey Riku,

This is Tanner's private thread.

Originally Posted by Riku8745 View Post
His name is Tarner, not Tanner. Tee Ay Are Enn Eey Are.
Argh. Gonna misspell that a few dozen times in the first 6 months, I can already tell.

History (success):
What Tarner can tell about these gates at about 20 yards away is that they display the typical strengths and weaknesses of drow war-construction. Which is to say that they are very strong against magical assault but not nearly so good against a strong, physical pounding. Iron is a magically inert compound, so blasting them almost certainly won't work. However, even iron gates are only so strong as their cross-bar. Moreover, black iron is HEAVY. So the the crossbar here is probably wooden. Maybe heavy wood, but still. You should be able to pound it with a few good strokes... if you can get close enough.

Tarner has little trouble finding books about demons. In fact, there is an entire section of the library focused on the Demonweb and its denizens--and plenty more besides.

A book with the names of different demons would be ideal; Like a sort of master-list of demonry. Other than that, a book focusing on possessions would work great.

Ah. Sorry. I missed your response.

Alright, I'll get back to you about this later this weekend.

Good. 'Cause that's what you got.


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