Gruunk's Junk In'na Trunk!

Very good.

I'm still kind of getting a feel for where we're going. It was touch and go there for the group as a whole, but you seem to be jelling now. Sometimes only the real threat of imminent death can create that kind of party synergy.

Rough fight! Hopefully that's the end of your good rolls for the bad guys. I was hoping to at least bloody the spider this round. I really want to go berserk, but I really think we could use someone to take attacks right now. Too many foes.

Once we start dropping people, I am thinking it might be good to start bringing out his inner barbarian.

Eh. You guys'll be alright. I've stopped feeling sorry for you now.

Meh. Blind at this level is crippling. Tarner is effectively unable to attack until he saves (which he didn't); same with Fortune. Gruunk and Nurse are badly hurt but neither bloodied. Another round like that last one though and it's lights out!

Eduardo seems to be blessed to having been missing the entire time! I will feel better once drow #2 is dead.

Well, I did warn you about killing PCs early and often...

Plus, I'll say this about Eduardo's approach: you guys certainly could use some skills/knowledge checks to slant the combat a bit more in your favor. Not making a Perception check in the room was foolish, and you've made no efforts to enlist the Shadar-Kai woman or to see if Rabbit is capable of anything.

Fair enough. I guess I am still getting acclimated to the campaign. That won't happen again. I guess there isn't a reason Gruunk couldn't talk more. I was keeping his speech limited, trusting (foolishly) in his companions. He really wanted the woman to pitch in and save herself. It courant take a diplomacy roll to ask if she is alright, etc.

I appreciate the advice!

It's not really advice. It's just kind of the way I write. The woman is a S-K Chainfighter who the drow forced into service as a librarian. This was particularly cruel because S-Ks NEED stimulation in order to survive. Else their souls begin to fade from their bodies, and ultimately they die. The Macjyata drow know this, hence the assignment to the library was actually a kind of slow torture--to death. Dungeoneering or Arcana to figure that stuff out.

I didn't pick up on that she was shadar-kai. I almost asked the question, but decided it was a dumb one. I couldn't tell what race she was from the description. You went into a lot of detail...I just missed that she was S-K. Probably appropriate for Gruunk to notice all that detail...and have no idea what to do with it.

Nice touch on the torture. Clearly, you put a lot of thought into it.

Heh. I just read Unbroken Chain: The Darker Road and really liked it. So I put one of the character in our game. I also never identified the woman's race for exactly the reason you described.

Requested items (including consumables) after the drow battle:

Bloodthread cloth armor +1 (level 5)
augmenting whetstone (level 6)
frozen whetstone (level 7)
potion of clarity (level 5)


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