Gruunk's Junk In'na Trunk!

Yeah, it's cold as Hell here. Heh.

I see you DID get that snow!

Anyway, I really wish we had a second source of healing. Maybe I'll look at multiclassing to warlord. The only problem is it doesn't fit what Gruunk is about much. He's not a leader, he gets lead. He's about being a tough SOB...the first guy in and last one to leave. I am thinking about that Swift Recovery feat to boost his healing surge value by 3.

Hmm, Eduardo's plan may get him killed. He'll be the only target in the room with the obelisk, wyrmpriest, and archers. Oh and pikeman 1 is up right now. This should be an interesting finish...

You guys are okay. Eduardo won't drop until after the Chieftain does. Your real problem is that you only just now hit Pikeman 1 for the first time, and the Wyrmpriest, though injured, is still a very capable combatant. Also, Ayeba jumped the gun one her Daily power use, which doesn't help. That said, this was still just a Level +3 encounter--and barely even that. I think you guys panicked when you saw the little dragon, and worse, no one did a knowledge check to identify which monster was the real threat/leader. Also: why no effort was made to turn the obelisk off is a mystery to me, personally.

Well, not everyone panicked. This worked out fine. HFLep is panicking because Nurse is almost dead and Gruunk just became conscious again. He wasn't happy because we ignored his character's plan.

Some of the issue was Tarner diabolic grasped the wyrmpriest (which was a great idea) away from everyone...which didn't help. He should have moved him next to Gruunk and then it wouldn't have been a problem. He would have been stuck against Gruunk and subject to his burst 1 attack. Even better will be when I get a chance to retrain his daily power so he doesn't have to drop his aura to get a burst 1 attack.

The obelisk...didn't have a free moment to try to turn it off! I figured a thievery check was in order, but didn't have a free moment where someone wasn't trying to play the game "shove a pike in a random hole" with our party!! Hmm, did Eduardo use his daily? Doesn't look like it. I think he was the last one with a daily.

I still feel almost like I'm cheating after I robbed you of those two hit. A mean shit! That was a 27!!! And we are level 4! That's just...MEAN! I know you are cool with it, just is starting to feel a little broken to me.

There's no "starting". But seriously, don't worry about it.

It may not be cool with me though. I do tend to optimize characters, but I don't do things like "frost cheese" (lasting frost + winter touched feats) because I think it's too much. I'll leave it for now, but if he continues to survive at this rate, I may switch characters. Totally unhittable takes the fun away from the DM and it forces changes to the encounter that gets the other characters killed.

I'll talk it over with HFLep, assuming he takes over.

It ought to be interesting to see what he does. I'm looking forward to it, but in a kind of "this might be a train wreck" kind of way. He's not always the most patient guy.

I am similarly impatient. Like for example, THD needs to a) throw a shroud on the nearest enemy (hyena 1, I think) and then throw some shadow darts. Demonic Hyena 1 will hopefully be dead or he should target that one. Then we can move to the next round. A more patient person would wait for THD.

BTW, I just to point out that with Gruunk not in the middle of the passage, your hyenas have full access to the back row squishy characters.

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