Gruunk's Junk In'na Trunk!

Heh. I was thinking for awhile this afternoon about how to deploy my forces. Course what you don't know (yet) is that these "demonic hyena" have a Close Blast Breath Weapon attack, so... Yeah, I could've tried to eat the squishies, but in truth, I'm still kind of hoping to kill ALL of you. Just to hear Riku and Ayeba whine. BTW, if THD hasn't moved by the time I get home, I'll skip him and move on. I usually don't feel too bad about doing that when it's just one PC, especially a Striker.

Also: I think it really helps the game that I don't ID the monsters by their proper Compendium name. That way, you can't just look them up to see their powers. What do you think?

That works well. It adds value to the monster knowledge checks. Hmm, that could be Gruunk's new thing...trying monster knowledge checks. With his int 8, should be entertaining at least. That actually something I don't personally like players doing and don't do it myself: looking up stats. For me, half the fun of the game it's using your imagination and creativity. I do use done intelligence radiant against undead....but only if it's appropriate. Gruunk wouldn't know any of that. I actually wish I could have squeezed in the nature skill, but it didn't fit.

And although I am actively trying to prevent it, a tpk wouldn't be the worst thing. We just did 87 or so damage to the fire it is likely in very bad shape or dead. I am very nervous about the controller or artillery in the back though...the priest or whatever it is. Once the melee folds fall, the rest won't be far behind.

One thing I appreciate is that you routinely have monsters violate his mark, so thanks for that. It gives him a chance to defend.

It didn't all work out that way because I re-targeted Tarner's attack. But you guys are doing okay. I didn't think this would be a TPK encounter, and I still don't think it will be. But somebody still might die. Like Eduardo and Nurse.

Oh, and demonic hyena 1 draws a vengeful guardian! It would also be -2 to that blast attack, but it doesn't affect the outcome (you hit Eduardo and Tarner by easily more than 2).

Well, to actually KILL anyone, I first have to take out Eduardo. Mwhahahahaha!

No. This is your 4th encounter. You get one after THIS fight.


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