I really, really want it!

I really, really want it!

If there's a magic item you really, really want, please post it here. Also, if there's any character development, you'd really like to do, either mechanically or in terms of story, please either post that here or drop it into your Private Thread as a note to me.

Bottom line: tell me your secrets. I really want to hear them.

I don't have any specific items I want at the moment. Not that I have looked specifically for it. But she works fine without specialized gear. (Compared to for example a Warden, who is practically built for walking around with a Cloak of the Walking Wounded).

Harsh songblade. As soon as possible.

Otherwise, anything that lets me screw around with enemies' attacks and movement is good in my book.

Warlocks love Pact Blades. Other than a Pact Blade, a Rod of Reaving would be really, really nice.

Ohh, a loot thread!
  • Level 4: Frostwolf Pelt +1
  • Level 4: Greataxe of Defense +1
  • Level 5: Bloodthread Clothe armor
  • Level 6: Iron Armbands of Power (heroic)

Then any items that would improve my Constitution would definitely be appreciated :P

Not gonna happen.


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