Non-DM Party Tactics

I'm not sure large creatures automatically gain larger reach, but it may be true in this case.

Can I ask kindly for a Majestic Word? I'm not a huge fan of dying. First and foremost because it's pretty boring to wait while the rest of you have all the fun. The interpretation of Fun is in this case a bit ambiguous.

The badger was pretty anticlimactic, by the way.

I really wish I could give a majestic word to Fortune, but Eduardo's all used up. Gruunk was almost dropped in the first round, so Eduardo had to heal him up. Fortune was dropped in the second, and Nurse was at death's door, so I used my second one on Nurse.

Basically, at this point, there's no more healing left to go around. I'm really sorry. Last round, I had a choice of using the majestic Word on Nurse, and having him survive for another round for sure, using the majestic word on Fortune who was prone and next to a giant spider and a cloaked drow, or not using it at all and risk dying before healing someone else up.

Wait, though . . . Eduardo's spell last round gives you the chance to make saving throws. Use it for your death saving throw!

I thought about the spider and reach last night. If it does have reach, it has never used it. Even if it does, if you are not next to it, it cannot attack you on an OA unless it has the threatening reach property, and most monsters do not.

So a shift and attack would likely work...and don't forget prime shot!

Yeah, next turn Tarner is just gonna rush and try and use his pitiful +1 Heal check to stabilize Fortune. I don't expect it to do much, but if it works, then hey.

That was entertaining. Betrayal is a sort of "I can do everything if you roll good" power. Slides, dazes, deals good damage even washes your windows (Warning: Commercial may not reflect the actual product).

I hope you all know how to exploit dazed actions. Not sure if it's possible to do in this environment, but generally: stay 1 square away from a dazed target, and you're safe. He can't charge 1 square, and he doesn't have enough actions to shift/move and attack.

Since he's also granting CA, you might want to focus him down and have one less enemy to worry about. Preferably: Nuke him from one square away

This is an odd surprise round...because there isn't much we can do with it. It's exactly one square out of charge range for Gruunk so no rushing in and attacking. Even if we let Nurse stalk in there, I don't know what that buys us. I actually think it's a very bad I idea because she goes first and then it's just her standing in the hallway when the bad guys go. That would be...well, bad. You never want Nurse as the lone target.

I am thinkin Gruunk should go in there too to give them one other target. Fortune and Tarner can stay behind the man-trap the whole time. Hmm, maybe Eduardo can too. But Gruunk needs to be over that trap to be effective.

Also, just a guess...the archers may be minions with the "lancers" being the baddies. And, of course, the wizard is going to be tough; that has to be a primary target. I am hoping Nurse can do her thing and then I want Gruunk to wait until Fortune and Tarner "clean the field" of those archers. Okay, maybe one centers a burst 1 on archer 3 and another on the mage. That at least maximizes the effect. Then Gruunk goes in front and Nurse can attack using her inescapable blade from the rear ranks. Well, at least until she feels bold enough to teleport in there and get to work!

I wanted to get a reaction to this before I just jumped over the trap all gung-ho.

I was thinking of having Tarner move to S3 or T3 and fire off a Fiery Bolt focused on J4 or K4, so that goes right along with your plan.

I put up a post, but the idea is simple. We hunker down and let Nurse lead them to us. She'll show herself to the kobolds, and then run past the corner where we are, to lure them into our lines. The harp should help keep us hidden.

It's not a bad idea. I must admit I had looked forward to nuking 4 or 5 targets at the same time, but it carries a rather huge risk. Namely that moving in to blast them leaves me open to anything they can throw at us in return too.

I have an ace in the hole. I can use my Living Missile to slide the mage 10 squares, to S4 (unless he has moved closer since then). If Gruunk stays on top of him afterwards (literally, he'll be prone), he'll most likely be denied all the tricks he can manage save a teleport, if he has one. If he tries to move back, he'll fall into his own trap.

First, I'd like to hear DannoE's response to my post in the OOC thread. If we get a full round's worth of action, we can plan differently.

Forgot to mention: Living Missile is guaranteed hit. It immobilizes on a hit, slows on a miss, and in both cases I can slide the target 10 squares.

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