Non-DM Party Tactics

They are (fortunately) minions. I know it isn't exactly in-character, but I think the best course of action is to have Gruunk delay until after Tarner and Nurse. Both have good chances of killing one, and Gruunk need only one down to leap over. Since they're archers, they shouldn't have the best OA in the world.

Since they're minions, I want to waste a minimal amount of effort on them. I'm not going to spend AP or Adept's Insight if I can help it. A simple round of at-wills should be enough to devastate most of them.

That's fine. I just need one dead to run past them. Eduardo can blast them with his blast 3 power too. I hate to have strikers attack minions... If they have ranged weapons, they can't make OAs (or they have to use the improvised weapon rules). Gruunk has a move of 8 on a charge, so this should be fun.

I'm NOT looking forward to being the only guy over there though. I'll probably use guardian's defense to boost his defenses against the 4 idiots about to kill him.

Edit: MAYBE from S3 you can hit thunderlancer#3 with a ranged 10 power...maybe with cover. Gruunk will charge just north of there.

Folks, why rush this? Knock out the archers and set ourselves up on the our side of the trap. Then we'll have the ranged weaponry, they will not. All Gruunk has to do is sit tight on our side of the mantrap while we pick off the enemy. First the wizard, then the chargers. That way, if they come to us, they'll have to go through their own trap and through Gruunk.

I'm going to hold my action until after Tarner who will, hopefully, blow the other two archers away. Then Gruunk should move up behind the mantrap, and we should move up behind Gruunk and start pelting the wizard with our ranged weapons. In case the enemy charges, I can daze the lot of them with the harsh songblade.

If I were them, I would fall back and not confront us at all; ambush us later. Gruunk has a hand axe but they can get out of range. And most of our most effective attacks have a range of 10, which they are at the very edge of right now. Does anyone have a bow or crossbow that can make it down there easily?

I also don't want Tarner to waste his kick ass damage spell (fiery bolt) on two minions. Maybe blast one with an at-will and Gruunk can use a hand axe on the other. Then Nurse or someone can either try to disable the trap or we can find a means over it. I don't think we can effectively attack them from this distance though.

I can agree not to charge down there though. Also please note there are other bad guys on the init that we have not yet seen.

Oh, as for the harsh songblade, doesn't the harp take his use of magic item power? He'll need a milestone before he can use the song blade.

No, they're both dailies. As far as I know, you're not restricted to just one artifact use per encounter. If it were so, you wouldn't be able to do anything once you turn on a special property of one of your weapons (like a sunblade or something).

Eduardo can try to knock out the other guy. He's got ranged spells too.

There is a rules about daily item usage. It only applies to daily powers though, not encounter or at-will item powers. You can use one per tier (but not the same one twice). Every milestone gets you another daily power too. It's actual on the mw character sheet right above rituals.

It admittedly doesn't come up often.

Yeah, Shadeus is correct. You can only activate one daily magic item (per tier; If this was paragon, you'd get two, epic you'd get three) per day unless you hit a milestone. It sucked when I was called out on that in a different game, so it's been kinda burned into my mind. :/

EDIT: Welp, pretty sure that's a kill.

I've got good news for you. That restriction was removed by an official update. They've removed the entire paragraph about item limit usage. Download the update-pdf for PHB1 from this link and see for yourself.

Shadeus, having Gruunk jumping over the trap so that he's the only guy facing three kobolds was, IMO, a very bad idea. At this point, I can't even slide you easily with my power, and Gruunk is taking some serious damage.

I'm going to wait and see what that idiot half-orc does, and then try to help as best I can. But honestly, why did you leap over the trap and away from anyone that could help you? Where is the advantage in isolating yourself from the rest of the group instead of just sticking behind the trap and taking the kobolds out as they come at you?

If you could jump back over it, that'd be great. But then you have OAs, so maybe not so great. Eduardo can't slide you anywhere safe, so that's kinda bad. And these guys aren't minions, so our attacks won't be able to kill them off so easily as the last set of guys we faced. Why? Why did Gruunk basically risk his life like that?

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