Non-DM Party Tactics

I don't know what is best, but I can say what I believe. In my opinion: Yes.

If we can stop the oil attack, it will save us a lot more hp than the shield will. You are one of the quality ranged attackers too.

With that said, it'll only work if everyone works together. 3 people together needs to work the ram, and Eduardo and Gruunk have already said they will work the ram. If you don't help, they can't finish that plan.

In the end, you four are at the gate, Fortune is working on the side, killing the archers. She can't discuss in-character with you, and you need to reach a decision shortly.

Just letting you know: It will probably take several rounds to break down that gate, and the kobolds can do a lot of damage to you in that time.

What ram? It seems like Nurse was helping with the shield, and Eduardo tried to carry it alone (probably unsuccessfully). I doubt we have it.

No, I staggered a bit, and Nurse helped me up, then went and helped Eduardo with the ram.

EDIT: Ohhhh, I've got an idea. What if I could use Diabolic Grasp to rotate the oil vat and send boiling oil down onto the kobolds on the wall? If it works, it would be so freaking amazing.

I don't think attacking these kobolds is the answer. DannoE already eluded to the fact that more can and likely will come if we start thinning out the guards. But if we start focusing on it and ignore the gate, the will just be replenished. I realize this skill challenge doesn't play to many of your character's strengths, but let's get through this gate and then you will have a chance to let your characters what they do best.

I like the original plan. If kobolds rush a vat, then maybe that is where Fortune focuses her area attacks. She can't both, so pick one.

We can use the shields to protect us from the vats by lifting them over our heads, sort of like a turtle's shell. One of the shields is big enough to cover us as we ram the gate (which, incidentally, is what they did in the olden days too). Basically, form the Roman Testuo and start ramming.

I'm not saying we should abandon the plan, just take care of the immediate threat before focusing on the gate. We're not going to spend time getting every single kobold, mind you.

Well, the problem is that we can't get rid of the immediate threat. As soon as we kill some kobolds, more will show up. basically, if we don't take down that gate first, we'll be in trouble. We may be able to deal with the cauldrons, but that's about it.

I was talking about the cauldrons when I said "the immediate threat". However, the only way I know of to stop them myself is to kill the kobolds manning them.

Yep, that is my plan too: kill the kobolds who man the cauldrons. The problem is DannoE doesn't sound like he'll let us use the shield and also ram. And with Nurse using her thievery skill (which is completely fine by me...contributes to the total successes), it leave us exposed.

Hopefully the success DC is low enough that if you roll a 10+, you will succeed. Don't know that to be the case though.

Ok, now I am getting a bit annoyed. Going off plan to attack infinitely spawning kobolds, ok. . . that's eagerness on a part of a warlock to show what he is. Dropping the ram so one can go pick at the door with a crowbar . . . alright, maybe that helps a bit.

But using an action point to hurt one of your own teammates, while putting yourself in the line of fire? Tarner can expect healing from Eduardo when hell freezes over. Maybe even later.

Edit: All is well again.

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