Non-DM Party Tactics

You much to learn have, young padawan.

I do think turning over the vat was a good idea, though. The cursing? Probably not so much. Honestly, I have no idea what your curse actually does, but we have more enemies inside the walls as well.

Annoying that we failed to spoil the attack on the west tower. Hopefully you'll guys make your saves, somehow, otherwise this is going to hurt a lot.

Once we're through the wall, we'll have 3 barricades to work through. How many successes do we need to get the gate down? I have a feeling we need only one more, so it may be enough to go at it with a crowbar this round with some luck.

If Fortune can hold her action, she can blast another group of kobolds once the gate go down. Alternatively, she'll just aid the ram and we'll worry about the barricades next round.

One more success and we are in.

My plan with turning over the vat was to hopefully send boiling oil down the wall, killing the kobolds and covering that wall will boiling oil, thus preventing more kobolds from coming in on the wall. The curse was meant to spread the curse to all of the kobolds, but it didn't work. Plus, I didn't really have much else to do with my minor action. Plus, the combo of Ethereal Stride and Shadow Walk gives Tarner 20 AC, and my goal was to draw some fire (unless all the kobolds were dead), thus allowing the other characters to go after the gate with crowbars and such while the kobolds focus me, hopefully not doing very well. I've got a ton of HP and quite a few sources of Temp Hp, so I'm fine with taking some hits.

Well, you were pretty successful in drawing fire. That part of the plan worked well.

But one thing I didn't get: What is the point of your curse? Isn't it to deal extra damage on a hit? It is sort of wasted on minions -- they go down in one hit, no matter how strong or weak anyway.

My plan was to curse the kobold, kill it with an Eldritch Blast, transfer the curse to all other kobolds on the wall, then run the oil at them, kill them, and gain mass temp HP. It didn't work as I planned though.

Plus, I only got hit once. It did pretty much no damage, while giving the rest of you pretty much a free turn to go at the gate. All in all, I'm satisfied with my plan.

You realize the temp hp won't stack, it's just over-writing (unless they changed something)

Yes, but it would've been cool. Plus, I had nothing else to do with my minor action, so why not use it?

Okay, I'm really considering using my daily power. I'm not sure which is a bigger threat; The owlbear is currently fighting Gruunk, and while Gruunk can hold it off for a while, it probably will end up killing him if he tries to attack it in one-on-one combat. The tiny dragon, however, is currently messing up a couple party members, but it probably doesn't have a lot of durability, making me worry if my daily is too much. Plus, it's probably got a pretty good Reflex defense compared to the owlbear, and my daily targets Reflex, so it'd be easier to hit the owlbear, which probably has enough durability to take it and make it worth it. Graah, I just can't decide.

The owlbear is going to soak up a lot of damage. Please note the faerie dragon has a 1 next to it too. If you are going to use a daily (and I don't know if I'd recommend it right now), the owlbear is the smarter choice. The fairie dragon is probably a 25-30 hp creature, so two solid hits.

Also please note in the initiative there are more bad guys in the mix. I suggest Tarner and Eduardo focus on that damn fairy dragon because you both have effective ranged attacks. Let's see what more bad guys come to see what Fortune has to deal with yet. If Tarner moves his maximum movement so he's at the edge of the caltrops and eduardo moves back one square, the warlock can get his prime shot too. It's +1 but what the hell, right?

You are right about that owlbear killing Gruunk in the long run. He just barely hit on that 10 thanks to the charge. So he'll need an 11 or better. I'll use his encounter power to knock it prone to hopefully give Nurse a better chance to hit. I'm guessing an owlbear = brute = crap defenses and monsterously huge hit points. A little nervous about Nurse though due to her fragile nature.

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