Chapter 1: Fodder!

Tarner nods. "Seems like a sound plan. I will search my memory banks and see if I know anything useful." He picks up a shield, and begins scouring his memory banks for any particularly useful information.

Eduardo looks at the battering ram with distaste, but seeing that he doesn't have much of a choice in the matter, bends down to take up his end of it. In case things get too hairy, I suggest we drop prone and hide behind the shields. That should give us some cover from the fire.

His lip curls into a bit of a sneer, just make sure you keep those shields up. Right now, that's the most useful thing you can remember to do.

On the day of the raid, Nurse is no where to be seen. It seems the old woman indeed found a way of getting out of the suicidal rush at the last minute. You do see a tall, if not broken spirited human. It would seem he had been outfitted for the day, and he walks up without a word and does his best to heft up part of the shield where the warforged had let it sag. Though he looks half starved and weak from the malnourishment, he does his best to lend a hand.

"Be silent," Nymeria says when Fortune speaks. "I care nothing for your flattery, fool. I care about you opening those gates. Now get moving!"

After that, Tarner staggers, but with Nurse's help, he's able to heft the big shield into position. Gruunk lifts his shield next to the big warforged, and you make a mad run out to the edge of the battlefield. To your left and right, all Hell is bearking loose as, on the left, a mass of grey-skinned creatures assualts a secondary gate supported by ballistae the size of dinosaurs. On the right, a mage's duel turns the cavern into a trail of molten death. Suddenly Tarner stumbles, and this draws the fire of some three kobolds. The rest seem as yet oblivious to your mad run, allowing you to get within some twenty yards of the wall.

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Gruunk Bloodfist
Half-orc Barbarian (Berserker)
Current HP: 33/33 Bloodied: 17
Healing Surges Used: 0/9 (8)
Resources Used:


Gruunk grunts his approval of the plan. He continues to hold the shield above his head and calls out, "Follow me in!" The half-orc tries to pace his long, loping strides with his smaller companions to keep them covered by the shield.


Fortune allows the others to get a head start before following close behind. The heavy crossbow rests in her hand, and her tail flickers at the edge of her cloak, otherwise the rest of her is covered in heavy clothing. While the rest rushes on, she stops and pretends to take aim.

However, rather than firing anything visible, she lets her mind work its magic instead. Grasping at the kobold's minds, she lets their fears roam free. Where she can break down the mental defenses, she leaves a dark, brooding feeling of despair: They are in a hopeless situation, doomed to die as useless fodder before the drows' assault. The pain of her assault leaves them dis-hearted, doubting that their own actions will have any effect on the battle at all.

Gruunk starts running, carrying the table and hoping that the others will move with him. However, Fortune stops long enough to obliterate some of the kobolds on the walls. That turns out to be a good thing--a very good thing!--Gruunk realizes, when he gets closer. Because there are large but low-slung vats of what looks like acid or boiling oil on top of the wall.

It doesn't look like one kobold by himself would be able to lift one of the vats, but two together? That might be bad for someone standing by the gate.

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When the shield starts moving forward, Eduardo keeps close pace behind it, dragging the accursed behind Tarner. Don't get too far ahead of us, golem. I've no desire to become a pincushion today.

You start lumbering towards the wall to your front, and the kobolds volley-fire. For a moment, it seems a storm of arrows, though most lance through the air aimed at either your leader in this charge—Gruunk—or else at Fortune, who’s lagged behind to lay waste to some of your enemies. The remainder fire at Tarner, presumably because he’s carrying the other table.

Meanwhile, more kobolds slowly make their way up to the wall. Thankfully, they’re not able to get to their places to launch arrows in this first full volley.

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The first kobold that hits Fortune spontaneously bursts into flame the moment the arrow hits her. She grunts a bit with the pain, obviously not very comfortable with it. She moves ever so slightly to dodge two other arrows. The fourth arrow seems to hit, but only ends up grazing her without doing any damage.

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