Chapter 1: Fodder!

Eduardo's magic shield manages to get the oil to simply slide off of him, though the intense heat leaves temporary injuries. At least his clothing isn't soaked in the superheated stuff, and though hurt, he's still doing OK.

He looks to Grunk's flailing at the door, and simply shakes his head, heading over to the last hinge holding the door together and inserting his longsword in the small wedge between the hinge and the door frame. A well-timed push on the hilt causes the hinge to pop off, and the door to fall back. There. Was that so damn hard? Come on, you lot, get in front of me and rush in there!

Tarner fires off another dark bolt of energy, before realizing the door has been opened. "Good job! Let's go!" he says, running up to meet his friends.

Gruunk flails at the iron gate in front of him, at first with little effect. However, with Fortune’s mental powers to aid him, he is eventually able to continue prying the gate until the locking bar behind the door splinters and cracks. After that, Eduardo’s sword pops off the last of the hinges, and suddenly the entire gate is collapsing.

The gateway is yours!

Behind the gate, you can see a dimly-lit courtyard with three low barricades, each manned by a pair of kobold archers. These volley fire at you as the gate falls while on the walls above, the remaining archers move to get better shots. Arrows fly from every direction, catching you in a crossfire that is mitigated only by your fighting skills and the narrowness of the gateway. Behind you, Nymeria screams in triumph.

The only downside in all of this is that the gate’s failure has finally drawn the notice of some of the defenders of House Macjyata. To your left, the Urbasanos and their pet grey-skins redouble their efforts to hold the enemy’s forces in place, but even so, you can see that some of the defenders are turning their attentions to you and pointing. You can see at least one gnomish arcanist drawing his wand, flanked by a pair of kobold shield-warriors. Behind him, some drow are taunting what looks for all the world like an owlbear in a suit of ragged scalemail. None of these are close enough to engage yet, but their masters seem to be considering carefully whether to send them to fight the Urbasanos on your left—or you!

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Gruunk Bloodfist
Half-orc Barbarian (Berserker)
Current HP: 25/33 Bloodied: 17
Healing Surges Used: 0/9 (8)
Resources Used:


Tactics not his strong suit, Gruunk does what comes nature: head towards ths fight! He nods to the bard saying, "Time for BLOOD!! FOLLOW ME!!!" The half-orc swings his huge axe off his back and grins. Bounding with huge strides, the half-orc heads for the nearest barricade rounding the edge glaring wickedly at the diminuitive archers. Moving like a great desert cat stalking his prey, the bare-chesting barbarian moves next to both archers and brings the huge axe down into the kobold. He glares at the other kobold with a gaze that can mean only one thing: certain doom.

Tarner sees Gruunk bound off into the dimly-lit area, and moves into the doorway to get a better vantage point. Realizing that he can't aim as well into the darkness, Tarner turns his attention back to the kobolds on the wall, confident that Gruunk has the situation inside under control. "Join your brethren within the maw!" he cries, then looses another crackling bolt of energy from his palm.


The tiefling moans a bit in pain as the hits her. 'I guess it could have been worse...' she thinks to herself and glances at her allies' wounds from the hot oil. '... much worse.'

Now that the gate is down, more targets appear. Seeing that the metal-golem have found his target on top of the tower, she concentrates on the kobolds behind one of the barricades. Unfortunately, she can't focus properly, the pain from the arrow is distracting her too much. 'Take your time, try again,' she tells herself and moves behind cover of the standing gate. She stays close to the tower, trying to avoid any more arrows for the moment.

Moving up, the human steps in right beside Gruunk and out of no where swings a 2handed sword at the nearest kobold. Turning to look behind him, you see a cruel glint in the man's eyes as he looks at another defender and prepares himself to stalk after them.

Eduardo merely grins knowingly as the others rush in, staying where he is for now as he peers into the darkened courtyard before him. He pulls out a sunrod, activating it, and drops it near him to illuminate the courtyard for himself and his compatriots before beginning to launch a foul curse at kobold that is staring straight at the gate. What are you looking at, you overgrown landworm? Crawling back into the egg you were hatched from would be too good for a pitiful puke like you . . .

The words continue to spill out, and obviously have more power than Eduardo's voice is suggesting, as the kobold merely crumples before them, whimpering slightly, and drooling.

You attack, killing kobolds right and left. After that, the last of the kobolds get off one last shot before... just before you finish slaughtering them. However, soon you see the armored owlbear charging towards you. You have maybe thirty seconds before it and its handlers get here.

Seeing the kobolds fall to them, Nurse uses the time to hide himself from any potential threat that may be coming their way. Ducking behind a palisade, he makes use of the very shadows to conceal himself.

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