Hi everyone,

I have just done some Site admin, creating a Noble Houses folder to which I have moved applicable game threads and private character folders to align with your Noble House. As play continues I will move more game threads into the Noble houses section instead of Archiving them immediately.


Wishing you guys and gals all the best for the merry end of year festivities, drinking feasting and enjoyment

And may the new year bring you all something... well... NEW.

Danger, Threats and Challenge Levels and other things that can kill you.

I thought it a good time to discuss DANGER and CHALLENGE LEVELS of foes in this game.

Like the real world, there's always dangers out there that can just... well... kill you. So unlike most DnD games, this one will have a mix of challenge levels. One player has already died fighting a CL 20 Demon... which was really overpowered for him. So don't think you can always walk into a fight with a hope in hell of winning... no sir !

This is a horror campaign, so things can and will get gruesome. My advice as a DM is pick your battles... run away from nassty things that are beyond your understanding... and be polite to beings who you think may be really powerful...

As for the rest of the lower level scum... you can revel in knowing you are superior and I may even reward the more blood thirsty of you to wade through a few bloody encounters on a murderous rampage... just pray they don't have a uber powerful leader commanding them

P.S Bewary of the Drow Noble bloodlines, they have learnt how to survive and should never be underestimated.

Warning: More player deaths are inevitable, be wary, be careful... survive

Pictures and Links

In case anyone missed the 24 hr announcement from our glorious hosts at Myth-weavers, I am going to do my part in reducing any potential copyright violations by...
  • Not posting any more pics sourced from the internet
  • Not provide any links to external websites although I think the SRD is ok (?)

And I will expect all those who post in my forum to do the same.

Thank you all in advance


Good News...

I have finally finished preparing the next chapter, and will have a game thread up on Saturday (GMT +10)

Thanks to everyone for their contributions in the playtest, and I have the following players in mind for:

Chapter One: Back from the dead...
  • Vyrwolf AWOL
  • Squeak AWOL
  • Livingwill
  • Phoerix
  • Lasseram
  • Ascaroth
  • Corellon
  • Ryxrald BRAIN DEAD eaten by Illithid

Everyone has the gear from whence the game paused...

The story has been fastforwarded a bit, and more will be revealed as play progresses.

Please note: This is a large group as I am expecting there may be some payer dropouts or cuts made from me due to a lack of participation.

New Players

It is time for new energy to be added to the game. I shall be advertising for three new players to join play in the city of Tu'narth in the Astral Plane.

These three shall bring a new dimension to the game... watch out for the game ad coming soon.

New Players accepted

The following players have been invited to begin play in

Chapter 2 The Astral City of Tu'Narath
  • Dr Crossroads
  • Toliudar
  • Freefallin1309


Livingwill has left the game.

I made an executive decision, based on the ongoing interests of the game, a lack of posting... continually posting one sentence responses... and not posting stuff to move the game forward.

Sometimes cutting a player is required to keep things rolling and on track... I hope you all understand.

I am hoping to increase the pace of the game and looking forward to reading all your responses and in game posts.

Feel free to use the OOC thread if you wish to chat about this


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