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You inspect the fruit, it does seem like some is getting sold as the locals seem to have to make do with whats there. You do see some fruits your not overly familiar with (I can look some up, or you can). All of them look a bit brused. The fruit farmer has a very appollogictic look to his face, he is obvously is aware of this.

"No Samurai-sama, but not uncommon either, this close to the mountians."

"Then I pray misfortunes such as the flood may be turned into more fortune circumstance more often," the Kitsune replied, graciously ignoring the fact that the
oh, please do look it up! Even if it's not for now, it might come in handy in the future - seeing how Chiyo has plans to revisit the man later on
fruit was slightly bruised. She could only barely refrain from asking more about the fruit she did not recognize - realizing that the prolonged presence of two samurai might make the man feel uneasy.
Once she had paid for the fruit, she carefully put it away, into her backpack.
"Thank you for your time," she nodded at the merchant. "I bid you a good day."

And then, turning towards her Unicorn escort, she added. "Rohshin-san, could you perhaps arrange a meeting with the patron factor, Rohshin Lau Rin-sama?"

The Unicorn nods and leads you off to what is likely the nicest home around the town. As you walk towards it you notice a few things. Near by some craftsmen, merchants, and farmers are talking and some are working with agents with the Rohshin mon on their garb. At one side of the home, some workers seem to be repairing a secton of the wall.

Her brow furrowing once again, the Kitsune slowed her pace. Her eyes darted from the craftsmen towards the section of the wall which was being repaired.
"Rohshin-san," she asked, frowning slightly - hoping that the man perhaps knew more about the situation here. "Do you know what is going on there?"

"Ah yes, Rohshin Lau Rin-sama recently recieved some of the trained war dogs from a Shinjo kennel. I beleive one got free and broke through the wall while chasing down a rabit or something of the sort. We havent found the hound yet, it has caused some worry to the local farmers, but there hasnt been any issues yet."

When talking about the wall, and as he thought you might have interest.

"The others over there are hoping to convince the houses administrators that their issues are worth Rohshin-sama's time. If so, they may get an audience on their manner."

"Hm, that is interesting. Would it be all right if we walked over there for a moment and hear what they have to say?" The Kitsune added the information on the ran-off dog to the seemingly ever-increasing heap of little accidents.
She wondered what the merchants and craftsmen wished to ask the local Rohshin-representative - or more precisely, whether there had been more odd incidents.
Perhaps she would be able to find some tracks near the wall as well, she mused.

~fyi, front of the home is where the petitioners for audience are. On the side of the home is where the broken wall is~
  1. Merchant 1, apparently the ground under a warehouse he was trying to build is still swamped from the earilier flood. He would like to get new land to use.
  2. Merchant 2, Complaining the Farmer 1 is not living up to his side of a bargin
  3. Merchant 3, Would like to supply the towns candle holders
  4. Farmer 1, thinks that merchant 2 is trying to screw him over
  5. Farmer 2 and 3 are argueing about whos responsible for a plot of land between their farms. It [*farseems neither one wants it, or responsiblity for maintaining it. But at the same time another area similiarly between them, they both want.
  6. Farmer 4 is complaining that deer are destroying his crops at night, but he doesnt want to be accused of poaching by killing them.
  7. Crafter 1, Worried that Merchant 3's importing candle holders will harm him, as one of the things he makes are wooden candle holders. He is also frustrated because a lot of the wood he has been getting has been very poor quality, for a number of reasons.
  8. Crafter 2 Would like more work to go into maintaining the roads.
  9. Crafter 3 doesnt think more money needs to go to the road systems.... of course he is a wheelwright.

The Kitsune quietly listened to the pleas of the various townsfolk, merchants and craftsmen as they relayed their stories to the Rohshin representatives. So far, nothing seemed out of the ordinary - that was, she had heard similar pleas at the rural court where she had worked for a short while.
On to the little wall then, she decided, subtly moving away from the group again and instead heading for the broken section.

"Ah, Kitsune-sama, perhaps before we walk around the grounds of her home we should have you introduced to Rohshin-sama?"

Your guide offered.

Also example fruits to what you might find around here...
Dragon Fruit
Chinese Grapes
Chinese Dates - Winter Jujube
Chinese Dates - Red Date / Jujube
Chinese Bayberry

The woman felt her cheeks flush upon her guide's suggestion. Of course it was good form - if not required protocol - that she visited the woman first.
Chiyo halted, her gaze trailing the path towards the broken wall.
Almost, her curiosity had gotten the better of her again. Almost.

Thus, she turned towards the man and smiled a polite smile. "But of course, Rohshin-san. Please lead the way.."


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