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A nod and the man led her into the home. He spoke to a servant who got them tea as they awaited the convience of the lady of the house.

Anything you want ot do in the time gap of tea time? She is likely to make you wait 15-30 min

The dark haired maiden quietly sipped from her tea, her mind racing on what she had seen and heard - and even more so, on all the things she still wanted and needed to see.
She considered trying to meditate and sense her surroundings, perhaps even call out to her surroundings as she waited, but quickly dismissed the idea. Neither spirits nor Kami could be rushed and on top of it, she supposed it could be considered rather rude by her hostess-to-be.

Still, the young Kitsune allowed her gaze to wander more freely as she drank from the tea, keeping her eyes and ears open for anything out of the ordinary. She studied the room in which they were asked to wait, trying to gauge the relative wealth and influence of the persons living there.

Thanks for the fruits by the way; I appreciate little details such as those!

If you have commerece roll it, otherwise the below will be vague.

The place is well atired, comfortable chairs (not just pillowthings) are around the rooms you have passed. It is likely that this vassal town has more coin go through it then the main lands of the Kitsune as it is a far more lavish in its setting. Tapestries hang the walls, rugs that look like they may have been imported are on the ground. A shattering sound in the distance has some people yelling down a hall. As a servent comes in to take you into the other room, your road compainion excuses himself to go see to the comotion.

The servent takes you into a large round room in the center of the home. You would call it an audience/dining hall, except the sphere like nature to it hardly made it feel like a hall. Seated on a nice chair was a woman, younger then you might have expected for a samurai with estates and lands as large as she ran, perhaps thirty? The servent introduced you both,

"Lady Rohshin Lauren-sama, this is Kitsune Chiyo, spiritualist sent at the Governors request. Kitsune Chiyo-sama, this his Lady Rohshin Lauren, Patron Factor of these lands."

The lady raised an eyebrow, giving the indication that you should speak first.

Vague it is then. Because Kitsune Chiyo has no commerce or whatsoever. I even pondered taking the Ascetic Disadvantage for her, imagine that!

"Lady Rohshin Lauren-sama," Kitsune Chiyo said as she bowed low, her bow indicating the respect which was appropriate given the Rohshin's status in these lands.
She was well-aware of the fact that first, pleasantries had to be exchanged; she had to be officially recognized as the woman's guest and been assigned a status of some sorts. That was, even guests could receive chilly welcomes for a variety of reasons and Chiyo would not allow for another slip-up on her behalf in matters of etiquette.
"This one is honored to meet you."

"Greetings Kitsune-san. While I dont necessarly see why we needed to call for one,let alone two, people studied in the spirits to be called, I will ceed that to the Governors wisdom. That non-withstanding, I welcome you to these lands. Your travels were uneventful I assume?"

"I thank you for your hospitality, Rhoshin-sama. Indeed my travels were not troubled by any serious hardships," the Kitsune replied, uncertain how to classify the odd sensations she had experienced throughout her travels to these lands.
On top of that, even her superior had been uncertain as to what she was supposed to investigate, so she could not blame the woman's skeptic attitude.
Plus, the Kitsune had yet to meet an official who was happy to receive foreign investigators in their lands.

"I had the assurance of a Rohshin bushi but of course, had no need of his protection for this region is well-maintained indeed."
Chiyo shortly nodded at the man who had accompanied her up until now, before carefully adding:
"This one hopes that her gracious Rohshin host finds herself in good circumstances as well."
It was a sincere and polite wish on behalf of the Kitsune, but also a subtle way of inquiring if perhaps something was amiss.

"Every thing continues forward from day to day. I am glad the trip went well with Kiro-san. Perhaps you would like to talk to one of the biggest beleivers in spiritual misshap. My brother-in-law oversee's the silicate mines, I am sure Kiro will be happy to escort you to his uncles home."

Her words are polite and non hostile, but perhaps a bit tired that she has to go along with this. For a moment your glad its a Unicorn, rather then say a Scorpion, before you.

"If your findings are able to elevate my lands financial status I will support you in what ever ways I can. If you however find things that effect it negitivly...."

Then, the gladnes perhaps faded with her follow up.

Avoiding to answer her question and a threat to boot..?
My-my, the Unicorn were gracious indeed.

Still, the young Kitsune maintained her on even as she bowed her head low again.
"Rohshin-sama, I will gladly take your advice and speak to your brother-in-law. This one thanks you for your time and attention. With your permission, this one shall leave you be, for surely, a woman in your position has many matters to attend to."

The Kitsune's words were polite, respectful and yet, there was a very subtle hint of disapproval in her voice.
She had not come here to ruin anyone's fortune - much less to bring bad fortune to these Rohshin-governed lands. To even imply that she would be so careless as to allow whatever findings to bring ruin to the woman's village felt like an insult.
Nonetheless, these were not her lands and as such, she would show respect to those who were in charge here.
Still bowing, she awaited the permission to leave. Unless the woman wished to heap even more threats onto the one she had already made, threats regarding findings not yet found.

"I have instructed the staff to provide you with my chop, we will cover your expenses durring your stay here. If you would like, the stable master will have a horse ready for your travels. "

With that, she dismissed you. Kiro awaited you out in the hall as you were leaving. He offered a comment after the doors were closed.

"I hope that went well?"

He offered you a small bag as well as the question.

Hihi, this must be my fastest moving game up until now!

The Kitsune bowed once again, thanking the woman for her offerings and time before leaving the room.

When she found Kiro waiting for her in the hall, she nodded at him, followed by a slight smile in response to his question.
"As well as could be expected," she replied, her green eyes lighting up again. "Also, I hear we are to visit your uncle, who oversees the silicon mines?"
It was then that she caught sight of the small bag. Holding her head slightly askance, she studied it for a moment, before looking back at the bushi, as if awaiting an explanation of what the small bag contained or otherwise contained.
After all, if it was a gift of some sorts, she would have to thread with care. And refuse at least three times.


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