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"The family chop along with a few other things that the household as instructed were to be give to you. I added a few things that you may want to bring back with you after your done here. But the chop, the notice to the stable master confirming who you are, under all that is a day and a halfs rations as it will take some time to get there"

He offered with a smile

Chiyo's greener-than-green eyes darted back and forth between the package and the Rohshin bushi for a moment.
"Thank you, Rohshin-san," she said as she held out her hands to accept the little package. "I will not forget this."
He had entangled necessities with what might be possibly be gifts.
Quite a cunning man if he had planned all this, the Kitsune mused with a slight smile.

"Now... Let us waste no valuable time. Onto the stable master." The dark-haired shugenja smiled as she realized that it had been quite a while since she had had traveled by horse back. She could only hope she still retained some of the basic skills - after all, being unable to hold one's own on a horse within Unicorn lands... Well, that would be rather embarrassing, would it not?

He led you out, as you exited, some of the other locals were being escorted inside. The number had likely doubled in size since you went in and you can see many are being turned away.

You head to the stable, and they quickly find you a loaner horse. After you handed over the request, you noticed at least one peice of glass tucked in a protective cloth cover. When the hose is brought out it is an impressive beast, at least until Kiro brings out his horse. Both are far bigger then the standard pony that Rokugan called a horse. A braided silk saddle was prepared for you, very different from the leather one that Kiro road on.

"Shes a quite one"
Kiro offered in reference to your horse.
"Should be a easy and gentile ride"

"Thank you," the woman replied, smiling a genuine smile at the Rohshin man.
She was impressed with the efforts the Unicorn vassal family - and especially Kiro-san - had made on her behalf - and rather than feeling insulted by being offered a quiet horse, she was grateful.
Just as she was grateful for the silken saddle; yet another kind gesture which the Kitsune would not forget.
Of course, the gesture she appreciated most was the glass work - which had lit up her eyes and smile alike.
She had very carefully put the smaller back within her back pack, wrapping her bedroll and blankets around the package before she had approached the horse.

It was no surprise that the Kitsune shugenja had a fondness for animals, inspired by a deep respect for the animal spirits from Chikushudo. Nonetheless, the woman was certain that this horse would have inspired awe within her regardless of one's upbringing. After all, Unicorn horses were famed in all of Rokugan.
Quietly, she held out her hand to the horse, allowing it to familiarize itself with her scent and presence whilst she studied the animal.

Only when she felt the horse had accepted her, she would take its reigns and lead it outside.

Not to long later, you are on the road and headed up some hills towards the mountins that stood between Unicorn and Dragon lands. In the distance you can see some buildings, but they are quite far off. As Kiro had said, a day and a half of travel would likely be required.

The woman actually looked forward to the trip and as she gently urged her horse forward, she started on the day-and-some-travel. She drank in her beautiful environments and allowed herself to enjoy the view as they rode on.

Nothing much happens durring the day, unless you do anything or start bigger conversations.
The eve i will start up when I am on, you are on, and I am awake (I look like I have been punched in both eyes atm, that dark of circles:P)

"Rohshin Kiro-san," Chiyo suddenly started, her hands still gently caressing the manes and flank of her horse as they rode on. The Kitsune wore a complacent smile on her face, still enchanted by the idea of having received glass gifts.
However, as she continued, the smile faded somewhat - the woman once again reminded of her duty here.
"If you do not mind me asking, what do you know of this village? Are accidents like those described by the merchants normal around here?"

"Depends on what you call normal. It seems about the common for these days. Seems to be more common then it was say, five years or so ago?"

The man thought about it.

"Its hard to remember the little events but there have been a few bigger ones. In the last two years.... There was the flood, even more recently we lost a bridge that is on this path, we will have to go around to another. A set of hotsprings came up about two years ago north west of where we are headed, north east of where we just left. There have been a few reports like one of the ones thismorning regarding deer atacking fields or food. The oddest one I heard tough is that some one stole into our home one night, add replaced the family crest with a crystal version of the same wrapped in silk. Same night all of the chopsticks in the household were altered to be of different sizes. "

The Kitsune nodded in reply to the man's words, weighing them carefully and
is there a knowledge check or anything else which I can make in order to make more sense of things; see if there are supernatural creatures or beings who are known for things like this?
searching her mind for any useful knowledge before she actually replied.

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