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If it is a spirit realmy thing, you could likely do a roll on your lore there. calling out any trends you see, thoughts of focus' of your thinking I will basicly use as reverse raises (They lower the DC because of effort you have put in, rather then raise on what you wanna do)
I dont know if those spells normaly need. I will have to look into their exact effects to see.

You dont know off the top of your head of anything quite like thsi happening, at least to this extent. If it is man, beast, or spirit it is very unliklely that one thing alone could have done all of what this man is retelling. If indeed all of them were spawned events of somethings mind.

The frown on the woman's face deepened, her brow knitting together as she contemplated the incidents mentioned by the Rohshin man.
She tried analyzing all the events separately as well as trying to discover any trends. A rise in the water level could have many causes, she figured - both natural and supernatural. However, a logical consequence of the risen water might be that animals which were usually fed by the vegetation of grasslands or specific environments now found themselves driven closer to the humans; their usual environment swallowed by the water.
The events centered around the man's home however, might very well be due to a trickster spirit of some sorts. Or perhaps even a concerned Ancestral spirit trying to contact its descendants - but such was based only on the involvement of the family crest. The changing of the chopsticks sounded more like a playful thing. Unless the spirit was trying to warn them for a pending disaster which would somehow affect the family's ability to feed itself and the village...?

Dice Roll: 4d10^2
d10 Results: 6, 7 (Total = 13)
Spirit Lore

~what spirits (Namely Kami) are you trying to sense then comune with? ~

~sorry just me being lazy, I will try and get something up soon~

Dice Roll: 1d100z
d100 Results: 83
1-33 Bird, 34-66 Foxy, 67-99 Deer, 100 other (83) your attempts to sense the nearest spirit and ask it to come forth are a sucess...

~role=/= roll~

Hehe, the Kitsune summons a Deer. Ommenome... Erm, wait. Talk. Talk! Oh, and Rokugani people don't like meat. ><

fox vs deer? I will put my money on the deer. Also for meat. Fish and some other meats are eaten across the land. In unicorn and crab, other meats are far more common. It just needs to be cleaned by a priest or the like. Think of it as Kosher Course high courts still frown on it as uncivilized for samurai (Peasents eat meat as often as they can.)

It approches you, but lets you make the first move.

"Greetings honored spirit," Chiyo respectfully greeted the creature, her green eyes lighting up as she caught sight of the creature. Neither Kami nor the many other kinds of spirits ever failed to impress the young shugenja, who always felt awed by their appearance, sometimes even silence-struck.
She bowed her head as a greeting, spreading her hands in front of herself, palms-up - to indicate she meant no harm or disrespect.
"May this one ask you some questions?"

Sorry, I should have said 'Rokugani samurai/ bushi generally tend to prefer to avoid eating meat just like that. Especially red meat.
But you are right, peasants often do eat meat as do some of the more practical great Clans

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