Exploring the Ship: Camael

"Ah, yes. Kohl Bennex. He had the makings of an adept, but now I'm afraid the only fate that awaits him is to become a servitor and praise the Machine God in that way. He claims it was self defense, that Enginseer Kreth reacted violently when Bennex came to ask him about the servitors. It seems unlikely. . .but then it seems unlikely at all the Bennex would want to murder Kreth. If you ask me. . ."

His next words are cut off by a chilling shriek of metal against metal. On the right wall, about ten meters from where Camael stands, one of the servitors rips free of its restraints. From its implanted vox a howl of distorted noise issues forth, like the cry of some hideous predator.

"Oh, for goodness sake!" Gaius huffs towards the servitor. "Unit! Return to standby location immediately and shut down!"

The servitor takes a step forward.

"I said--urk!"

The servitor is a clamp unit, one arm ending in a massive steel pincer. With a leisurely swipe it bats the enginseer aside. Gaius goes airborne, slamming into the stone walls and sliding to the floor. The servitor then turns its gaze on Camael.

"Death to the servants of the Corpse Emperor!" it snarls in its metallic monotone. Black fluid leaks from its eyes, which themselves glow with the sepulchral green of a Necron tomb. A second unit, further down the hall, tears free of its creche, spouting its own blasphemies.

The nearest servitor advances towards Camael, its shambling gait reducing its speed considerably. In the background, he sees its counterpart, moving towards him with the same jerking stride.

At the first sign of violence, Camael tears his chainsword from its magnetic mooring at his waist and sets himself for the charge. With an inhumanly loud roar of "By the blood of Sanguinius!", he sprints the short distance to the nearest servitor, the heavy pounding of armored boots against deck plating filling the bay, and tears at the half-human creature with his roaring blade.

Round 2

The servitor makes no move to avoid the strike. As the chainsword strikes home, it's roaring turns to a high-pitched keen, adamantine links biting through metal and flesh in a shower of sparks and blood. The gash goes bone deep, leaking blood and yellow fluid, but the servitor comes on. It punches out with its heavy vice, trying to skewer Camael with the sharp clamp tips.

His teeth bared in a fierce grimace that looks out of place on his otherwise statuesque features, Camael rips at the servitor twice with mounting fury, pausing only for a moment in his onslaught to shrug aside its clumsy mechadendrite.

Round 3

Camael's chainsword cuts low again, and this time bites deep. The roaring blade shears through metal and flesh to reinforced bone, severing the leg just above the knee. A torrent of blood and thick lubricant splatters the ground, coming in ever weakening pulses as the sickly green light fades from the servitor's eyes and it topples to the stone.

Undaunted by the death of the other, the second servitor bounds towards Camael, moving surprisingly swiftly for its bulk. It rears back with its vise hand, the grips snapping together to from a massive maul that it swings down at Camael. Camael easily avoids the blow from the clumsy construct. The heavy mechanism pulverizes the ground to his left, sending stinging chips of stone pattering off his armor.

Ducking under the mechanical arm as it crashes into the deck, Camael sweeps his chainsword across its torso and arm, hoping to put an end to the servitor's obscene mouthings once and for all.

"Rghaa! Suffer. Not. The Unclean!"

The chainsword dances in a blur, carving great chunks of flesh and metal from the servitor.

The servitor rocks back on its feet, then pounces, swinging its heavy arm. Again it misses, the heavy appendage whistling bare inches past Camael's armor.

Tasting victory, Camael brings the whole of his training and experience to bear in a series of feints and cuts that would bring shouts of pride from his company brothers - if they were here to witness them.

The blade finds the smallest of gaps in the servitor's metal components, tearing through the flesh and bone. So swiftly does the blade cleave through the servitor's middle that it is through and hacking off its arm before the corrupted construct topples to the ground. It twitches fitfully on the stones, then goes still.

Mechanical joints creaking, Gaius struggles to his knees. For a moment he looked dazedly over the carnage, then all of a sudden he pops to his feet.

"Stupid, stupid. Should've seen it. Metamorphic logical bomb in the programming. Trigger on something. Metamorphic processes causing corruption in machine spirits." He scuttles towards a control lectern, begins rapidly tapping at keys.

Camael stares down at the bisected servitor, distracted by the sight of its seeping fluids. He glances at the enginseer, keenly aware of what difficulties it would cause him if he were to be observed while satiating his need for blood.

Mastering himself for the moment, the Blood Drinker activates the vox caster built into his armour. "Brothers, this is Sergeant Camael. I have been forced to destroy two servitors after they attacked myself and an enginseer. There is a heretic aboard this ship. Please inform Captain Lan that he should have all servitors rounded up for examination."

Turning back to the enginseer, he issues some suggestions in a stern voice. "Enginseer Gaius, we can assume that there are no more corrupted servitors within this maintenance bay. Please go and examine as many others as you can find, and quickly! We don't know how many the heretic tampered with."


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