Exploring the Ship: Camael

"Yes, yes," Gaius says, still frantically twisting knobs and depressing control runes on the lectern. "The rest are untainted. I can see it now." He grabs a vox caster, holds it up to his speaker-mouth. "Attention all enginseers, this is Deputy Enginseer Gaius. A programming corruption has tainted the bipedal servitors. Screen any units in the auxiliary maintenance bays. Approach ambulatory units with caution, they may become aggressive!"

He replaces the vox-caster, turns to face Camael. "I will go and inspect the active units. Will you be coming, Sergeant? Your. . .unorthodox repair techniques may be useful if we run into more corrupted servitors."

Camael wrestles with himself for a moment, then masters his need in favor of his duty. "Of course I shall, Enginseer. We must ensure that no-one is harmed by the errant units. Lead the way."

Gaius leads Camael out of the servitor bay and into the hall. He plucks a data slate from within his robes, quickly begins paging through it as he walks.

"Yes, yes, I see it now. The corrupt programming was triggered to activate when the ship entered the Immaterium. Instructions to attack key members of the crew. The Space Marines. . .and--"

Gaius halts suddenly. "Omnissiah protect us! Sergeant, there is code here instructing some of the corrupted units to dismantle the Gellar Field Generator. If they succeed. . ." the enginseer trails off, unwilling to give voice to the catastrophic results if the ship's Gellar Field fails while in the Warp.

"We must reach the generator and secure it. This way, Sergeant!"

Gaius takes off at a suprisingly swift run, his robes billowing in his wake.

"All hands," comes Trader Lan's voice over the ship intercom, "servitor units have become corrupt and are attacking. Report any servitors to security and mechanicus section chiefs. Do not approach. Security units, shoot to disable hostile units." The distinctive bark of a bolt pistol comes across the transmission, indicating Lan is doing some shooting of his own.

Camael runs alongside the enginseer, having to consciously slow his pace so that the smaller man can keep up. If he knew the way, he would sprint ahead. Even among the fleet brothers of his own chapter, he is known for
Not really bragging; he does have a fairly monstrous movement rate due to high Agility and armour bonuses.
his speed in full armour.

"Enginseer Gaius, can you guess how many infected units will be attacking the generator?"

Inwardly, he curses himself for leaving his bolt pistol and helmet in his quarters. He resolves never to take the safety of his surroundings for granted again.

Gaius consults the slate without breaking stride, using his mechadendrite eyes to read it.

"No. Servitors are not used to perform maintenance on the generator; the device is simply too delicate. But there could be any number in the area who have succumbed to the taint." There is an unmistakable edge of panic in his mechanical voice. "The chamber is sealed and sanctified, but if there is a heretek on board, the scum might have compromised the locks, too. And even if not, they might be able to cut through if there's a torch unit compromised. . ." The enginseer quickens his pace, though still he couldn't match if the Space Marine were to stretch to full stride.

"Lucky we are on the same deck. This, way, sergeant! We're nearly there!"

Gaius skids to a halt in front of a low door, emblazoned with a split heraldry of the Mechanicus logo and the Adeptus Astra Telepathica. Intricate scrollwork runs along the door frame, with a pair of cherubs holding a banner across the top that reads in High Gothic: "From the horrors of Immaterium, God-Emperor defend us."

At a control panel, Gaius busies himself. "Thank the Omnissiah, the door is still holding. Now--"

A sharp bang! cuts off the enginseer. A three inch metal spike streaks through the air, piercing one of his mechadendrite stalks. Gaius gives a surprise yelp.

Another servitor stalks down from the far end of the hallway. Instead of the heavy vice grip, this one has a high powered riveter grafted to its arm. It raises the weapon, taking aim for another shot at it slowly shambles forward.

"Sergeant, I can seal the door completely from here. Keep the warped thing off me!"

"Focus on your work, Gaius, and leave the creature to me. Whether we live or die, I will commend your soul to the Emperor!"

Careful to keep his own massive bulk between the servitor and the enginseer, Camael moves down the hall at an guarded jog, poised to charge as soon as the creature attempts its next shot.

Round 1

The servitor plants its feet, ocular lenses spiraling down as it tries to aim past Camael at the enginseer. The rivet gun barks twice. The first sliver of metal streaks towards Camael's leg, the second whines off a support strut, then tinkles as it hits the floor.

The rivet pings off Camael's black armour, leaving a magnificent scratch in the enamel. This goes unnoticed by the space marine, however, as he hurls himself down the remaining length of the hallway at a full sprint that ends in a colossal swing of his chainsword.

Pneumatic hoses running along the servitor's arm pop and hiss as the chainsword's teeth tear through them. They grind away at metal plating, seem about to sever the arm when the servitor twists slightly. It swings the heavy rivet assembly at Camael's head, but misses.


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