Exploring the Ship: Camael

Jerking out of the way of the crude attack, Camael spares the fleetest of moments to glance back at the enginseer to reassure himself that he was still unmolested. Seeing him unharmed, the Blood Drinker grits his teeth and bears his weight into the servitor, slashing at it with his chainsword with unrelenting fury.

The servitor takes a different tact, attempting to bowl Camael off his feet to get clear the firing line towards Gaius. In a brief, confused struggle, Camael manages to keep his feet. Vox howling frustration, the servitor backs off and fires again. Somehow, it manages to thread the needle past Camael. The metal spike strike Gaius in the arm. Something shatters there, with a shower of sparks and popping capacitors. Gaius grunts, shouting a prayer to the Machine God as he frantically works the door controls.

Camael snarls his frustration that this noncombatant has managed to thwart him for so long. With a looping cut, he attempts to sever the creature's leg and put it at his mercy. The corridor rings as he shouts in fury and follows up with a strike to the exposed neck of the mechanical monstrosity.

Camael's slash cuts the servitor off at the knee. The outstretched rivet limb breaks its fall. Bent and kneeling, neck presented like a condemned man on the executioner's block. The blade falls, and the servitor's head bounces off the deck. The rest of its body remains propped up, twitching a moment then laying still.

"Done!" Gaius crows. A heavy plasteel door slams into place over the main doors. "That should hold anything short of a lascannon," he says.

Camael spares not a second glance at his defeated opponent. "Then let us pray that the heretek did not have keys to the armory." His footfalls pound in the new silence as he returns down the hallway. "Enginseer Gaius, I do not have access to the ship's vox channels. Can you tell me how things are progressing elsewhere? Has the crew been able to hold it own against the corrupted servitors?"

"I can patch you in, Sergeant." Gaius fiddles with a box of knobs hanging from his waist. A moment later Camael hears voices coming over his vox, distorted and quiet at first, then clearer and stronger after Gaius twists a dial.

It is a confused babble of voices, transmissions cutting each other off and short. Suddenly the high-pitched ping of a vox override silences the noise and Trader Lan's voice comes through.

"All sections, report by the numbers."

"Enginarium here, two casualties but all quiet now, over."

"Battery deck: some of the munitions loaders went after the magazines but they didn't get through. All the other servies are staying put and responding normally, over."

"Maintenance and machining," Camael recognizes the voice of Boatswain Brizz. "Lost three before we took the rogue down. Techies are seeing to things now. We're all ok, over."

Each section of of the ship reports all clear.

"Gellar Generator, report!" Lan calls over the vox. "Loke, give me a sitrep!"

Gaius gives Camael a nod, indicating that he can transmit over the ship communications as well as listen in.

"Captain Lan, this is Sergeant Camael of the Deathwatch. Enginseer Gaius and I arrived in time to prevent the servitors from destroying the Gellar Field Generator. It is operational and secure."

Camael eyes the decapitated servitor, thinking of the abandoned bodies in the servitor maintenance bay and wondering how long they will remain undisturbed.

"Thank the Emperor for that," Lan says. "I'm dispatching a security team to maintain a watch over the generator room. Sergeant, the rest of your kill-team is en route to the bridge. If you would please make your way there, we can ascertain this threat and decide our next course of action."

The line goes dead. Enginseer Gaius turns to Camael. A mechadendrite probes the damage to his right arm as he speaks. "I thank you, Sergeant. You saved my life twice over. Not to mention the whole ship. I only wish I'd been able to detect the corruption in the servitors sooner. All this might have been averted." He seems more dismayed by his lack of skill rather than the loss of life or destruction.

"Perhaps I should join you on the bridge," Gaius muses. "The analysis of the corrupt programming will take time, but I can at least give Trader Lan a preliminary report."


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