Exploring the Ship: Artemis

"Thanks, m'Lord," Heltz says, gently massaging the shoulder of the broken arm with his free hand. "It'll be nice to have a few days r--"

The medicae ward door hisses open, followed a moment later by the heavy thud of labored steps. A woman screams. Lumbering through the door, two servitors step into the ward. Their eyes glow green with a malign animation, black fluid leaking from tear ducts. Their eyes lock on Artemis. Their implanted vox units crackle with static.

"Death to the servants of the Corpse-Emperor!" The heavy steel pincers grafted to their left arms hiss and slam together rhythmically as they approach. Patients and medicae workers scatter, shrieking from fear at the blasphemous servitors.

Throne of Terra! muttered the Imperial Fist as he
Readying pistol is a free action with the quick draw talent, which all DW marines have
quickly pulled out his bolt pistol. He immediately regretted leaving his bolter in his chambers, but had to make do with his bolter. Unfortunately for Artemis, this mess with the servitors was getting stranger and worse every passing moment.

Before shooting at the servitors he attempts to
Im attempting to use the tactics skill test. Im going to assume this is a free or half action, as the skill doesn't really specify. Depending on your ruling of the timing needed, the type of shooting attack i do will change.
If its a free action, i will be shooting semi auto
if it is a half action, i will be shooting with a regular standard attack.
If the tactics test takes a full action, disregard my tactics roll as i will be opting to roll under semi auto instead.

I have an intelligence of 51, and i am trained in Tactics (Defensive Doctrine) at +20 (so by my belief, im rolling under 71).
Tactics(Defensive doctrine, looking for places for patients to hide):
Dice Roll:
d100 Results: 84

quickly survey the room for possible defensive spots for the other patients to flee to for safety.

Aiming at the
Servitor A
servitor on the left Artemis Marr fired

Ok, depending on the timing on the tactics roll im shooting the gun in either semi auto or single shot.
My BS is 48
The servitors are at short range (5m < under 15m) so +10 to BS
if i am shooting a standard shot i am rolling under 58
if I am shooting with semi auto i am rolling under 68 (+10 to BS for shooting semi auto).

Note: if the servitors are close enough(within two meters of each other) and i shoot using semi auto fire, and if three bullets successfully hit (i need to roll 48 or less for the 2nd bullet, and 28 or less for the 3rd bullet) i want the third bullet to hit the second servitor. IF only one or two bullets hit, then let it hit the first servitor.

I'll resolve damage after you tell me what the proposed timing would be (if i dont miss or jam).
Shooting pistol:
Dice Roll:
d100 Results: 29

if there are any other modifiers i forgot, let me know.
pulled the trigger on his gun.

Artemis tries to take better stock of the situation but before he can make any cogent observations the ward becomes a confusing maelstrom of movement as patients flee for the open doors or dive for cover. Beyond, he sees many more are fleeing for the open doors, though Sister Magdaelna is trying to shepherd them away and out of the firing line.

Artemis squeezes off a burst from his bolt pistol. Two rounds catch the first servitor in the leg, the explosives shredding muscle and flesh from the inside out. The servitor pitches wildly, unbalanced by the heavy blow, but rights itself and keeps coming. The third bolt roars wide and high, piercing a bulkhead with a rain of tinkling metal fragments.

Shrieking their blasphemies, the servitors charge Artemis, their vise grips leveled to impale the Space Marine. The damaged servitor falters, its blow landing far wide, but the second is on target, the razor sharp points streaking towards Artemis' left arm.

Artemis attempts to
I dont think i have any special bonus to dodge beyond the +10 to agility for wearing corvus armor. I am trained in Dodge.
I believe i must roll under 57 (47 base agility and +10 from corvus armor), with no other bonues/penelties
Dice Roll: 1d100u57
d100 Results: 57 (Total successes = 1)
dodge the second servitor's attack.

The apothecary avoids the pincer to his arm by a hairsbreadth by spinning around like a dervish.

In mid pirouette Artemis
Once again Quick Draw
unsheathed his combat knife with his free hand. As he ended his spin, Artemis sqauted into a defensive stance, holding his pistol arm to block any further blows.

Artemis then stabs with his knife to the
Servitor A
injured Servitor.

Artemis's knife whistles through the air, passing a hairsbreadth from the servitor's neck. Shrieking more blasphemies, both infernal constructs swing their heavy appendages at Artemis. The first misses, but the second is again on target.

The Apothecary attempts to
Artemis attempts to dodge once again.
Agility is 57. With the +10 modifier from gaurded attack, he succeeds the dodge with a 67.

dodging attack from servitor to chest:
Dice Roll:
d100 Results: 4 (Total successes = 7)
dodge the blow again.

Artemis dances around the servitor, his black armour streaking though the air like a black blur.
In an effort to even the odds, Artemis attempts to
Using Knock Down
Half Action.
Needs to make an opposed strength against servitor.
Base Str is 35. The Power Armor adds +20 to my Str. I need to beat 55 and have more degrees of success than the servitor.
Knock Down opposed test:
Dice Roll:
d100 Results: 46 (Total successes = 1)

knock over the injured servitor.

The servitor struggles against Artemis, servos whining with strain against the Marine's superhuman strength. Then, with a sudden burst of effort, Artemis knocks the servitor sprawling to its back.

As the servitor crashes to the ground, Artemis Mar savagely
Standard Attack
Half Action
Base WS 45. Since Servitor A is prone, i get +10 to WS. Need to beat 55.
standard melee attack to Servitor A :
Dice Roll:
d100 Results: 52 (Total successes = 1)
stabs his combat knife down towards his fallen victim.

The knife heads straight for the servitor's right arm


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