Main Group: Aboard Horizon's Pride

Heth nods, watches the squad at their practice a moment longer.

"This way, my Lords. I think you'll like what's in the next hold."

Heth leads the Space Marines out and down the hall once again. They round a corner, Heth glances back, seems about to say something when an unmistakable sound reaches the team's ears. Bolter fire, distant and muffled by intervening metal, but apparent to the Space Marines' senses nonetheless.

A moment later, four servitors round a corner in the hall ahead. Their eyes glow green with a malign sorcery, and black ichor pulses from their eyes and pores. Heavy vice grips on their hands snap shut with menace. Their eyes lock on the Space Marines, and in unison a stream of blasphemies issues forth from their internal vox units.

"Death to the servants of the Corpse Emperor!"

Brother Androcles

A menacing calm settled on Brother Androcles as he brought his bolter up to center on the lead servitor at the end of the hall. He started to step in front of Heth, putting his eight-foot, ceramite armored bulk between the more vulnerable mortal warrior. "Blasphemous filth. Something must have gotten through the ship's Gellar Field." he reasoned from what little he knew about the ancient mechanisms of Warp travel. He didn't have to tell his brother Space Wolves what to do, but he spared a word for Heth. "Please stay behind us, Brigadier." he requested, though not in a tone that made it seem like he wanted to be argued with.

Just wanted to throw a reaction post up, even though I'm not first in the initiative order.

As the combatants face down, a voice comes through the kill-team's armor voxes.

"Brothers, this is Sergeant Camael. I have been forced to destroy two servitors after they attacked myself and an enginseer. There is a heretic aboard this ship. Please inform Captain Lan that he should have all servitors rounded up for examination."


Ydnar shoulders his bolter and unleashes a hellish spray of rounds on the advancing servitors. Bolt rounds roar down the corridor, filling the confined space with a bone rattling bellow, but no rounds strike home, sailing wide and high.

Unperturbed by Ydnar's barrage, the servitors advance at what looks to be a hustling trot for them. Ungainly and not built for combat, it seem miraculous that they are able to move as swiftly as they do without tripping themselves.

Without a word (though he was saving a few jocular, disparaging remarks about Ydnar's marksmanship for later), Eldgrim drew his sword and bolter, pointing the former at the enemy as he called on the
Rune Priests believe their power comes from the spirits of their homeworld rather than the warp - although I'd be surprised if they didn't believe such spirits resided in the warp
storm spirits of Fenris.

Psychic lightning crackled about his sword before leaping down the corridor towards the servitors.

The storm spirits hear Eldgrim's call. Lightning sears the air, striking the servitor at the center of a lumbering phalanx. As secondary bolts leap from the struck servitor to its neighbors, a cloying stench of cooked gristle fills the corridor. Capacitors overload and pop, adding a tinge of ozone to the bouquet.

Brother Androcles

"We seem to have found a few ourselves, Brother. Make your way to the bridge and rendezvous with us there. We shall join you shortly." Androcles spoke within his helmet on the tactical comm frequency for the Kill Team. As he did so, his Brothers opened fire on the possessed servitors to some success. With the Brigadier behind him, Androcles added his own bolter to the weight of fire. He pressed and held down the trigger, hammering away at
BS Test at 67:
Dice Roll:
d100 Results: 17
I believe that's 4 degrees of success, since the Bolter's rate of fire is 4. I'm going to put one hit on each servitor.
full auto on the other end of the hall. "DIE, HERETICS!!" his vox amplified voice echoed over the ringing sound of the gunfire.

Androcles' burst sweeps across the advancing front. The detonating bolter rounds shred metal and flesh, painting the corridor with a garish mix of blood and lubricant. In spite of the tremendous damage they seem to have sustained, the servitors do not go down.

Heth seems to have no qualms about remaining to the rear. All the same, he draws his laspistol and squeezes off a shot at the servitor that appears most damaged. His aim is true, but the shot does little more than singe a few metal components.

"Hmph, well that was poor of me..." the Wolf Scout said with a smirk, apparently unperturbed by the sheer shock of the situation. He shouldered up the bolter once more, taking aim at one of the most noticeably damaged servitors and letting off another
Full Auto Burst:
Dice Roll:
d100 Results: 18 (Total successes = 7)
thunderous blast (7), sincerely wishing he'd had a mind to bring Kraken rounds. Not expecting to face anything of particular armor or size on the world, he'd opted for certain other types, magazines that adorned his gear.

"Divide and conquer, brothers. Focus fire and bring them down!" he yelled as all four rounds impacted with a satisfying crunch, already moving to track another target.


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