Put anything here that you want me to know about your character. And go ahead if you feel like and put a little bit about yourself!

Roaring Tiger is a dwarf; you know, a human that's really short. Some call them midgets, but he likes dwarf. Sounds about 20% cooler. His thick mane of red hair goes to shoulder length and completely covers the front half of his face, though there is space cut out for the top half of his face to breathe. His green eyes peer out from this mess to cut down anyone he looks at, though he can be friendly enough when he wants. Just because he never wants to be doesn't mean he can't, right?
Rory spent most of his life as a child learning the art that is Tiger Style. His training went smoothly enough, but his instructors noticed a habit he had formed early on in his training; whenever he attacked an opponent, he would shout "I'm gonna punch ye in the face!" before doing exactly that. When questioned about it, he responded that he felt it in kind with the style he was learning; the tiger roars when he attacks, he doesn't stay silent. Moreover, when he tried to stay silent, he felt... restricted, and somewhat dishonourable.
His Exaltation came as something of a shock to Rory. It came immediately after winning a battle against one of his instructors, and only served to make him that much more powerful. The Unconquered Sun said only thus: "You like fighting dangerous enemies, what was it... punching them in the face? Well, my son, one day, you will get your wish..." His name spread after that amongst the martial artist's world, one to be known, and remembered. As the latest danger grew, he was sought out for his prowess to assist in bringing it back down.
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Name: Pellaelin
Caste: Twilight
Motivation: Solve a great mystery
Age: 27
Description: Pellaelin stands at six feet tall and has an athletic build of lean muscle. He has black hair resting at shoulder length, with fair and blue eyes. He wears comfortable traveling clothes and is never without a small bag full of tools for testing and locating evidence. He also wears the hearthstone bracers under his long cloaks and coats.
Background: Pellaelin was born in Nexus. His father was a recorder with a mercenary company, the Hand and Stars. As a child, he would study his father's old logs and other books regarding the differences in Creation and the fundamentals of logic. He found his first pet and current familiar, a cinnamon ferret named Pergaladh, in the Little Market. Pergaladh began to show extraordinary intelligence after Pellaelin's Exaltation and the two inseparable friends shared an even greater bond.
Pellaelin had an uncanny knack for deducing characteristics of criminals from the smallest flecks of evidence left at scenes. During a particularly murky case, he Exalted as he mulled over a burglarly done by a rather adept criminal.
During the course of his career, he met with an Outcaste Water-aspect Dragon-Blooded named Fury Angelica. The two developed a rapport during one of Pellaelin's cases as Pellaelin showed remarkable investigation skills and Fury complemented him with skill at arms and diplomacy. Fury joined with Pellaelin as a second to keep his excesses from getting him into trouble and to continue with the "adventure" of detection.
He found a pair of orichalcum hearthstone bracers as part of an illicit artifact smuggling ring. Feeling a strange bond to the bracers, he kept them for his own use, though he plans to follow up with the bracers if he ever finds a new lead on their origin. The smugglers were most ignorant of where the bracers came from.

Name: One of Many
Exaltation: Solar
Caste: Dawn
Concept: Enthusiastic Leader of a Mercenary BandI
Anima Banner: A thirteen headed serpent weaved together with sapphire essence

The sheet is not done (still has all the homebrew changes to it from the other game) but is an easy fix once/if accepted. BG and character are mostly the same; different area but maybe Mommut was pursuing more of Helshan Khels lackies and that brought him towards Nexus? I can work out story specific details later
Questions for ST:
1) If I have three dots in familiar, and want a spectacular mount, what sort of options am I looking at? Could I get an mildly (childlike) intelligent bison? something akin to a spanish fighting bull? (See anima banner)

Name: Mommut
Exaltation: Solar
Caste: Zenith
Concept: Chosen leader of a nomadic plains tribe
Anima Banner: Brilliant horse/bull/elephant... details dependent on what (if any) familiar he ends up with


Name: Nupipa Laele
Exaltation: Solar
Caste: Night
Concept: Infiltrator
Anima Banner: Snow Fox

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Okay, I'll get his Physical Description and organize the sheet a bit better later XD
Sorry, it's just that the deadlines of a couple of games are pressing me...
Name: Fractus Aurum Invictus et Insuperabilis
Exaltation: Solar
Caste: Dawn
Concept: Former Soldier of Lookshy, now Knight in Shining Armor
Anima Banner: A pack of wolves, made of golden and red flames

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