Four Rooms


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" Asian guy, you said there was things in the hallway? I got them bro!"

Mike advances by Ghan to combat the things in the hallway. Mike balls up his fist and punches downward at the red-eyed rat, smashing a heavy fist into his face knocking it's jaw into the ground. He then follows up with a quick second jab, before falling to the ground from over reaching.

Four Rooms - Round 2

John shakes his head at the high pitched sound. John soon realizes that one of the darkmantles is right behind him. Feeling dizzy John swings his sword at it. As soon as it is hit by John, the darkmantle near the door vanishes from sight. John knows that he hurt it, but he has no idea where it has gone.

As the darkmantles attack Jared is already moving. He sweeps his rod up as if in a parrying motion. Shadows eagerly leap from the already dark surroundings and swirl around the two monsters. The darkmantle that John struck does not reappear immediately, and Jared isn't sure if it is still within' range of his attack or not, but he tries anyway. Jared's woeful attempt at magic seems to intermingle with the natural ability of the darkmantle who had been there before. The two magical energies seem to slice into the space around Jared, causing instability. A red swirling portal opens up next to Jared and the halfling is yanked into it. He vanishes from sight. Simultaneously in the next room, a similar red swirling vortex opens up near Vicky and the others. Within a few seconds Jared materializes in the room standing next to Vicky. The ground under him still feels solid even though he can see the red vortex under his feet.

John Clarke looks up at the disappearing darkmantle then to the red portal. "Whats going on!! Jared!! where are you?"

"Darkmantles!" ZhuGuan shouts an alert to those in the other room. "They fear the light but aren't affected by elemental magics. Time to show off what you can do with that new body of yours Dave... you too Malklyr."

"Also, that noise I heard... it's.. um... coming down the hallway now." He smiles to himself. The half-elf, perhaps because of his dazed state, decides the best course of action is to charge the rats down the hallway.

"Fear the light, do they? I will make them fear the dark." Allyria says as she crosses the hallway.

She pays no mind to the rats down the hall as she enters the other room. Calling to the dark connection she shares with her new drow heritage, she tries to enshroud the remaining darkmantle in burning shadows. When it dodges out of the way, she gestures at it with the Winds of Change, and a blast of radiant light floods out of it, shooting towards the creature. It hits home, burning the hell out of the beast with the power of pure light. It vanishes from sight after she strikes it. John's torch becomes bright again as the creature is removed from the battlefield. Now they can all see clearly again.

Malklyr turns around and steps out into the hallway. With a grin on his face he summons forth a globe of acid and hurls it at the closest rat.. "Feels good to let loose without anyone complaining," he mumbles. The acid strikes the rat, burning deep into it's hide.

Vicky walks out into the now crowded hallway. She can't get over to the rats, so she pulls out a javelin and hurls it at the first one she sees. The javelin spears the rat, killing it. She looks around briefly, "I thought you said there were darkmantles." She's still not keep on the idea of fighting more than one of those large creatures they had battled a couple days ago.

John's light goes dim again; making it hard for many of the heroes to see. One of the darkmantles appears next to him, but it lashes out at Allyria. Apparently it saw what she did to the other darkmantle and does want to suffer the same fate. The creature's tentacle whips through the air, but it misses her.

The other darkmantle also appears. It is not in the room it had been though. Instead, it appears down the hallway behind Malklyr! It flutters silently through the air coming right up behind him. It lets out an echoing shriek like its companion had done earlier. Out of all those in range, only Malklyr and John Clarke are
4 thunder damage and you are both dazed until the end of the next villain's initiative (the start of round 3).
hurt by the sonic cry. John hadn't recovered from the first blast, and was still affected by the sonic attack even while standing in another room.

"Oh..." says Vicky holding her talons up to the side of her feathered head, "there it is..."

The last remaining rat isn't going to let such a small fact as the death of it's scavenging companion stop it from making a meal out of the wandering adventurers. In fact it doesn't seem swayed in the slightest by the death. In fact it will likely eat its companion when all this is said and done, but for now it must fight. It tramples over it's fallen friend in an effort to bite the Situation. Mike lifts his leg up to avoid the bite, and then puts it down again.

Allyria - Drow Sorceress

"Get away from me, you creepy sky squids!" Allyria shouts as she stands up. As she does, her body crackles with more arcane energy, and a flash of light appears around her, engulfing the two darkmantles. The first of the creatures is hit by it, and sent flying backwards down the hallway.

Jared Lees, Halfling, Gloom Pact Binder

Jared looks about him for a moment until he realises what has happened.

"I meant to do that!" He looks dubiously at the red swirling energy below his feet, pauses a moment and then shrugs. He sets off for the door at a jog, shadows swirl up to meet him as he summons his magic for another attack.


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