Four Rooms


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Mike says as he gets up to his feet"The floor is slippery here... CAUSE I BROKE THIS FAT RAT! Oh you want some to BRO?" as he directs his words to the new rat, he unleashes another round of fist.

"Dont fall down again..."as Mike thinks to himself while proceeding to attack his new oppenent.

Four Rooms - Round 3

ZhuGuan watches The Situation push past him, execute a flurry of hollywood like martial arts then slip and fall over. Oh yes, now we have a situation on our hands.

"Get away from me, you creepy sky squids!" Allyria shouts as she stands up. As she does, her body crackles with more arcane energy, and a flash of light appears around her, engulfing the two darkmantles. The first of the creatures is hit by it, and sent flying backwards in the room, away from her and John. The other one one is completely missed by the attack.

Jared looks about him for a moment until he realizes what has happened. "I meant to do that!" He looks dubiously at the red swirling energy below his feet, pauses a moment and then shrugs. He sets off for the door at a jog, shadows swirl up to meet him as he summons his magic for another attack. When Jared steps into the doorway and blasts the darkmantle it is knocked backwards and immediately vanishes again.

Trying to shake of the effects of the shriek, Malklyr launches another globe of acid, this time at the other rat. His globe hits and the rat shrieks in terror from the burning sensation that is eating away at it's fur and skin, but it isn't deterred from its task yet.

Holding his ears to the sound of the shriek made by the darkmantle, John swings his blade with the rat's death aura enhancing the power of his attack. His psychic attack meshes with the necrotic energies he reaped from the death of the first rat and the combination slams into the darkmantle at the other end of the room. The floating creature is knocked out of the air and drops to the ground in a heap. Finally one of the two darkmantles is dead.

"Fear the dark" John says with a hiss. Still standing next to the portal for so long, John feels himself being pulled. The portal yanks John inside and he vanishes from sight. The others completely lose their light source. A few seconds later John materializes again. He expects to see Jared, but that is not the case. An unpleasant odor hits him as soon as he takes a breath. The smell, combined with the trash-covered floor make it clear that the swarm of rats that they fought earlier had certainly stayed in this room for a while. There is only one door leading from this room. It is open and it exits to the east.

Standing in the darkness, the heroes in the hallway notice a light turn on suddenly in the room on the left side of the hallway at the far end. It isn't enough to illuminate the hallway at all. The light source is too obscured. They are stuck fighting in the dark for the moment.

The half-elf swings at the remaining rat trying to keep it distracted from Mike. "C'mon Hollywood. On your feet now." From the distance, he cuts into the rat that Malklyr had hit with acid. It still stands.

"The floor is slippery here... CAUSE I BROKE THIS FAT RAT!" Mike says as he gets up to his feet. "Oh you want some to BRO?" as he directs his words to the new rat, he unleashes another round of fists.

"Dont fall down again..."as Mike thinks to himself while proceeding to attack his new opponent. Both fists strike the rat, and he doesn't look too good, but he still stands and he hasn't backed down yet.

How can they see that rat well enough to hit it...
Vicky thinks to herself. I can't see anything, except that light... Vicky then looks around her in the dark, unsure of who is where. "Does anyone know what that light is down there? More enemies?"

Vicky puts a hand on one of her javelins as she tries to decide what to do, If I throw this blindly I might hit Guan or Mike by mistake. We need more light.

Vicky begins to rummage blindly through her pack feeling for what she needs. As she pulls out and
minor to retrieve, minor to ignite it.
ignites her sunrod she makes a mental note that she only has one sunrod left. She knows that their supplies are going to run out faster than they care to let them. She blinks her eyes rapidly as they adjust to having light again. Vicky stands there at the ready with her longsword in hand. If anything gets close enough, she'll put her sword into it.

Vicky's light suddenly becomes extremely dim. The darkmantle must be back again. Jared soon learns where it is when he gets whacked in the back of his head with a thick ropey tentacle. The hit is hard enough to spilt the skin on the back of his head and blood begins flowing freely from the wound.

The Situation gets bit again by the rat. The pain of the bite and the injuries that Mike has already sustained causes him to collapse onto the ground. The rat moves forward, walking over The Situation's bleeding body to get closer to Guan Yu.

ZhuGuan, half-elf

"Damn Hollywood, you are not going to be impressing the girls with that type of move," ZhuGuan quips at their barely conscious new companion. His glaive sweeps over the body trying to dislodge the rat.

"Man down over here," the half-elf calls over his shoulders to the others down the crowded hallway.

John Clarke - Eladrin Revenant Hybrid (Warden/Swordmage)

John looks around at the room then cover his nose 'Why am I always in a stinky room.' John moves to the door and sees the others and the "The Situation" on the floor covered in blood. 'I knew it. John shakes his head and charges the rat.

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