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wierdest thing that happened to you today.

wierdest thing that happened to you today.

what was the wierdest thing that happened to you?
Today i got hugged by some strange little child on the bus...

I work the desk at a hotel. Graveyards. Tonight a homeless lady came in and sat down on the steps in the lobby and fell asleep! I had to wake her up over and over. She insisted she was meditating! I don't know many people who snore and drool when they meditate.

I don't. mean to be unkind but you can't sleep in a hotel unless you get a room.... that's been my night anyway. haha

I saw a clown on a motor scooter outside my LFGS yesterday, it was odd.

Today, I woke up and my cat was on my face.

I had a student who refuses to do anything in my class and is constantly having to serve detention get transfered out of my class. However, he came back to my class insisting that he wanted to be here and begging to be transfered back.

Today in a supermarket an elderly woman said to me:
"Oh, young man, you look just like Barry Oxo. Margaret, look at this this young man, doesn't he look the image of Barry Oxo?."


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I don't know, but apparently he helped win World War I.

My alarm clock appears to be taking a little inspiration from <insert rogue AI here>. I set it for 8:00, and it replies that it can't set for 8:00 and instead sets itself for 8:30. Most annoying...

"Romantic" ride on the Bangkok canals. Those river boats are noisy, smelly and profoundly uncomfortable. Romantic is a stretch; it's best described as a loud sewer bus.


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