Chapter 2: Reunion at zombie beach

Chapter 2: Reunion at zombie beach

Chapter 2They say the dead walk on Smuggler’s Shiv, and that those who have yet to die dine on the flesh of their kin. They say that the very plants and animals of the island thirst for blood. And they say that those who sail too close to the island’s cutting edge are already doomed, even before their ships are impaled and slip beneath the shark-hungry waves.

The island itself is a grave to all manner of folk—pirate and soldier, merchant and smuggler alike. By day, one who approaches too closely can hear their screams from the green that crowns the isle, and by night one can watch the witchlights dance on its shore, said to be glowing cannibal ghosts eager to lure new meals to their shore.

They say all this and more about Smuggler’s Shiv. I can think of no better place to hide my treasure.

—Final recorded words of Captain Lortch Quellig


Cord will survey the scene to see if anyone is following the other group or lurking in ambush nearby.
Perception, (take 10), 12
Other than the unnerving glow to the surf, you see nothing untoward.

Assuming he sees nobody he will step out into the sunlight with a thunderous laugh, calling out, Well, well! Look what th' surf washed up! Well met again me hearties!

The approaching elf is tall and slender, wearing leather armor and a black tricorn over long white hair which glows palely in the moonlight. As she recognises the squat figure of the dwarf emerging from the treeline she throws up an arm in greeting. Many a soul returns with the tide. She grins broadly. Hail and well met Cord.


Hawkler follows Sariel with bow in hand and arrow at ready. Just as they get close to the Jungle Canopy edge, Hawkler recognizes the Dwarf whom tendered his illness with wisdom that made the voyage aboard the ship much more accomodating. Hawkler approaches Cord with a broad grin and a flashy smile.

I never thought I would be so happy to see a Dwarf in my life. How are you faring Cord? We have been tracking you for a short while now.


With a curt nod of acknowledgment, the gruff dwarf says, Have ye now? We ourselves ha' bin tracking summat what appear ter have abducted the half-orc deckhand. Mayhaps ye can lend us yer aid in doing so? Is this all o' yer band, then, or be there other castaways that ye've come across?


Hawkler responds with renewed interest, Yeah. We have Jask the Prisoner, Sasha, and Gelik. We had made a firm camp on the Northern tip of the island, where we come ashore. Cord, whom else is with you?

Sariel grimaces at the mention of the Half-Orc, her eyes darkening. What do you want him back for? And even if you do want him back it is absurd to chase his abductors through the night. What condition will we be in when we catch them? Better to meet them well-rested and fit for a fight.


Cord answers Hawkler with a gesture towards the jungle. I be accompanied by a halflin' stowaway name o' Olo, and the rude elf, Tyranthius. We left th'other halflin', Sava, at the camp wi' Ishirou an' Ayers.

Raising an eyebrow at Sariel's vehemence, he responds, Well, unlike some I kin see in th' dark so it makes little difference ter me whether it be light or dark out, and if'n we catch 'em while they be sleepin' or tired, all the better, fer I ain't like ter fall o'er just yet. As fer chasin' down th' brute, he hadna shown hisself ter take after his orcish parentage, so we be loathe ter just let summat carry 'im off!


Tyranthius will step out of hiding and give the dwarf a look of disdain. The rude elf? Really? Here I thought we were getting along swimmingly. After scanning the group and a resigned shrug he'll take a sip from his waterskin. So now that we had a nice reunion may we get back to finding the half breed? We should probably back track and follow the tracks that went into the jungle.


Hawkler looks towards Tyranthius with a sly grin, revealing a slight sinister side of the half-elf.

oh Cord... can we hide him in the jungle somewhere and forget where we leave him?
Hawkler lets loose a hearty laugh.
I am joking with you Tyranthius of course, but you are right. I think it best we try and find your friend.
Hawkler looks towards Tyranthius. The trail left off just past you in the jungle?
As Hawkler shoulder's his bow, he starts to do what he is fairly good at.

Dice Roll: 1d20+6z
d20 Results: 9 (Total = 15)
Survival: Tracking. (15)


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