Chapter 2: Reunion at zombie beach

The halfling stowaway, Olo steps out of the shadows and says his greetings, as does the out of breath Gnomess, Lilianna and the strange monk, Japheth.

It is Japheth who speaks up first, Hawkler, Tyranthius, it's been about six hours since we spotted the smoke from near the shipwreck and we've been on the trot for about three hours now. You didn't notice up there in the lead but poor Lilianna needs a rest, even if it's just ten minutes to break our fast and drink some water.

Surely it won't affect our success if we take a short rest while we get more information about what they have been through and what they know about the group that took Kark.

Sariel looks at Lilianna with concern. She had forgotten just how small the gnome was. Japheth is right, we need to rest. And besides, there are things we need to discuss. We found the wreck of the Jenivere. She starts to gather driftwood for a small fire, glancing at the newly reunited passengers to see if she has piqued their curiosity.


Smiling at Tyranthius, Cord chuckles, The fact that we be gettin' along dinna mean that ye're not rude, elf.

Cord nods his head as Japheth and Sariel speak their pieces, and hooking a thumb back over his shoulder says, I gots no problem wi' takin' me rest; I be just sayin' if we be tired, so will those we be chasin', and them carrying the brute might mean they be more tired. Butif it be a rest that we be takin' and there be tales ter be shared, methinks we'd be best ter use the camp what we just left behind. There be a fire pit there what's still warm, and some meat ter eat as well.

Sariel smiles at Cord and moves towards the fire pit he indicated with her armful of driftwood. We found the wreck yesterday. According to the Log Captain Kovack had become besotted with Ieana and was sailing for Smuggler's Shiv at her behest, a situation which was upsetting the crew.

The elf carefully rekindles the fire, gradually feeding it the new wood. We still don't know what happened the night of the wreck. It seems likely that the evening meal was drugged somehow, since no-one has a clear recollection of what happened afterwards. That would suggest the Cook, Rambar, was involved. And also the First Mate, Anton, since his cabin was emptied before the ship was wrecked.

She shrugs eloquently. But we cannot ask them. They were at the wreck before us, and something killed them. Something that could enter a barricaded room and which left fang marks on the bodies.


Cord takes a seat near the fire, and gazes out at the night-time sea. Our camp is a long hike back around the north o' th'island, and we spent a day or two after the wreck scouting the surroundin's afore the Brute went missing. We found signs o' a struggle at the pool where he was gathrin' water last night, and've been follerin' his tracks since this mornin'

We found a couple wrecks along the way. The first were the Golden Bow. We thought ter take shelter from the worst o' the day's heat inside her and see what there be ter scavange from inside 'er, but what we found made that impossible. She was a haunted ship. Haunted by the spirit of a man what were killed by his friend and eaten so as ter let the killer live a little bit longer. His "friend" was there too. We sent both o' them ter their eternal rests, but not a'fore the ghoul took a bite o' me arm. I'll keep an eye on it ter make sure I ain't caught nothin' from the beastie. If I did, though.... Well, methinks it's best ter cross that bridge if'n we comes to it.

Th'other were the Bloody Doll,
he hooks his thumb towards the wreck. We didna stop ter check her oot, as we were hopin' ter catch the brute's captors. Instead, we found ye.

Sariel glances at the shadowy hulk of the Bloody Doll. The Doll has clearly been here for some years, and since this is apparently not an uninhabited island I doubt you would have found anything aboard. We too have been exploring, although we did not find signs of people until we saw your tracks and those you are following.

She absently conjures water and withdraws some food from her pack, chewing contemplatively. We did encounter some of the island's wildlife. Eurypterids, a Fer de Lance, and some Razorbirds. The elf nods towards Hawkler. We also have a map, derived from the charts of the Jenivere. We've marked our camp and the wreck, they cannot be too far from your own base.


. Yes, as Sariel noted, we did encounter some large birds. We also encountered a snake which I befriended, but not before he took a chunk out of me.. Hawkler releases a hearty laugh.

Not much else to tell. Sariel has done a fine job going over the past few days activities.
Hawkler draws a large drink of water from his waterskin. He makes his roughshod bed and gets comfortable.

I am going to call it a night. Wake me when and If you want me to take a watch please.


Olo, a short, olive-skinned halfling with black hair and eyes, sighed at the mention of making camp. He looked longingly into the forest, but fatigue won out in the end. "I suppose we should sleep. I had only hoped to meet the kidnappers before they got to their destination; once they reach their village, or whatever, a rescue will probably be even more difficult. But they are clearly too far ahead for that to happen tonight." He sat down with the others, preparing for the night. "We should probably send a couple people back to the camps, to let them know we found each other."

He looked to those who weren't shipwrecked with him. "Have you become established in the wreckage of the Jenivere, then? Can anything be salvaged? Ayers used to be a captain on her own ship, if we can get something that floats, there's a chance she can get us to civilization..."


Cord snorts at Sariel's suggestion, and gazes over at the wreck, Twelve hours ago, methinks I like would've agreed wit' ye. But that was afore the Bow. There were no tracks leadin' ter her either, and she'd been there a long time by th' look o'her too. But the lack o' tracks likely means that if there be summat inside 'er, it ain't like to be gettin' out, so methinks it's prob'ly safe ter camp here in 'er shadow.

As Hawkler starts settling in to his bedroll, Cord raises a craggy eyebrow and growls, Sure, make yerself comfy there, boy. If'n nobody wakes ye up, have a good sleep an' hope that th' reason ye've not been awoken isna that summat ha' come and kilt us all while ye take yer ease.


Hawkler, while keeping his eyes closed lets loose a boyish giggle.
I think we are all smart enough and wise enough to be setting a watch so that we obviously do not get surprised by anyone or anything. I, as I aforementioned offer to take a watch. So without trying to be rude Cord, I am asking if someone would be so nice to wake me when you all would like me to take a watch.

Hawkler moves slightly to get more comfortable.

I would not want to see any of us come to harm. What would the rest of you suggest as far as taking watches to ensure we are safe throughout the night?


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