Chapter 2: Reunion at zombie beach


Cord nods his head, and scratches at his nose with one sausage-like finger. What'd this apparition look like? he asks.


Sure Cord. Sounds like a good idea. That will grant myself some much needed rest.

Hawkler once again stirs and settles into his makeshift bed.

I saw a glowing figure, swimming in the effulgent sea. Sasha saw it as well, and perhaps the gnome Gelik, since he seems to have developed a fear of the water. Nothing as detailed as Tyranthius' Elven woman. Sariel looks at her fellow Elf curiously. You say the Half-Orc saw it as well?


It was during my watch. Kark claims he saw it as well. while speaking to the group Tyranthius will be double checking his gear. When he finishes, he'll wave his hand in dismissal and start his perimeter walk, leaving the group to their own vices.

Seeing that Tyranthius is starting his patrol, Sariel checks over her own weapons and moves away from the glare of the fire. Leaving the taciturn Elf to his solitude she stays close to the impromptu camp, although she periodically checks the water.


For his part, Olo falls asleep until his watch. A strange breeze mutters and whispers around him where he lies.

The first part of the evening passes without incident. The eerie glow within the waves is more subdued than it has been in the past few nights, probably due to the brightness of the moonlight. To the keen eyes of the two elves even the jungle foliage a good 300 yards to the west is clearly visible. To the east the battered wreck rises from the waves, the low tide barely covering the rocks on which it ran aground.

Following the uneventful watch Sariel gently wakes Cord. All is well she murmurs, before stirring the fire into renewed life. She perches her new hat on a rock, offers Tyranthius a lazy salute, and bunks down as best she can given her lack of suitable bedding.


Tyranthius will give Cord a curt nod as he brushes past him. In a low whisper he points out looks like it's gonna be a busy night. and then chuckles quietly. After which, he settle in and rest.


Cord awakes with a snort and gazes about as he rubs the sleep from his eyes, and starts strapping on his armour. Once he sees Sariel trying to find a decent place to sleep, he moves over to her and whispers, Look, lass, I'll no' be using me bunk fer the next couple o' hours, and, not meanin' any offense, ye hardly look the type ter be used ter sleeping with a stone fer a pilla, so why don't ye use me bedroll fer the night? Come the dawn we'll see what we kin do 'bout findin' a more permanent solution.

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