Chapter 2: Reunion at zombie beach

Midnight(ish) watch
With the sleeping arrangements settled Cord begins his solitary watch. The hypnotic lapping of the low tide waves and the seaward breeze rustling through the trees make for an idyllic night. With the flames burning low, Cord adds a bit more of the piled driftwood to the flames. As he resumes his patrol, his eyes fall over the rather rag-tag, motley band of castaways. A slight sound from behind and to the right of him causes the dwarf to turn, and he finds himself nose to breastbone with a skeleton, broken blade raised to bring down on the dwarf's unsuspecting head! A quick glance shows more of the undead monstrosities emerging from the tide, some with, and some without flesh clinging to their corpses.

Stunned by the sudden appearance of the skeleton, Cord is unable to dodge or deflect the skeleton's attack, the rusted blade grazing his head as he just avoids a direct hit.


Cord bellows at the top of his lungs, Ward and 'ware from the sea! T'arms! T'arms! and pulls his morningstar out from its baldric with his right hand, as he takes a step forward and to his right (to F10) grabbing his holy symbol with his left hand and calling upon Gozreh to wipe away the undead abominations within range.

Dice Roll: 1d6z
d6 Results: 1
Channel Positive Energy (1), Will DC12 for half

Midnight(ish) watch: Round 1
Like a wave assaulting the beach during slack tide, divine energy rolls out from Cord and over the invaders from the sea. Moths to a divine flame, the undead converge on Cord. Although his armor deflects the bulk of the clumsy attacks, one of the corroded blades finds his flesh, scoring another minor wound.

At the great dwarven bellow, Japheth leaps to his feet. Unfettered by arms and armor, the monk hastens to join the beleaguered cleric (E10). Olo, Sariel, and Hawkler likewise scramble to their feet, torn from their slumber by the warning cry. Lilianna sleeps on, exhausted, and Tyranthius mutters something, probably uncomplimentary, in elven and turns over on his side, still fast asleep.


Cursing the lack of faith that resulted in such a weak display of Gozreh's power, Cord grits his teeth and redoubles his efforts in the face of the shambling corpses, bellowing his warning again in the hopes of waking the last two slumberers.
Dice Roll: 1d6z
d6 Results: 4
Channel Positive Energy (4), Will DC 12 for half

Having done so, he shifts his grasp to allow him to use his shield to defend himself.


After standing up, Olo sees the large number of dead humanoids climbing up to kill his friend, and jumps into action.

Sariel curses in
a strange tongue as she struggles to her feet, kicking away the unfamiliar bedding. She stares at the shambling figures for a moment and then begins to chant softly, weaving her fingers in an intricate pattern as mist begins to billow from her mouth.


Hawkler rolls over and stands quickly, having keenly heard the fighting as he rolled over. Upon standing up, Hawkler draws his scimitar and readies to attack.

Midnight(ish) watch: Round 2
Olo's little dagger cuts through the rotting flesh of the zombie, attracting it's attention as Sariel's mist creeps out from her, enveloping the group and limiting visibility. At the sound of the battle, and Cord's persistent bellow, Tyranthius is finally roused from his peaceful reverie. The dwarf's second burst of divine energy is far more effective than the first, one of the skeletons crumbles under the onslaught. The undead monstrosities retaliate, the three remaining skeletons striking at, and missing, the dwarf. One of the zombies wanders into the mist, and Olo's foe swings wide above him. Japheth is not so lucky. The zombie beside him lands a hard blow, snapping the monk's head back and sending him staggering back a step. Japheth retaliates, striking the zombie hard, though the dead flesh absorbs most of the blow.

Lilianna slumbers on.

Sariel calmly picks up her crossbow and a case of bolts, stepping away from the tangle of bedding she loads the crossbow and raises it to her shoulder.
Dice Roll: 1d20+3z
d20 Results: 18 (Total = 21)
Stealth: Moving Silently (21)


Tyranthius, once realizing the immenent danger, will leap to his feet drawing his rapier in the blink of an eye. Assessing the situation, he'll realize the immediate threat is the zombie directly in front of him and Olo.

With a glance at the halfing Don't worry little buddy, we can take care of these.

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