OOC discussion

OOC discussion

You probably need a new thread for this.

I'm going to keep your respective histories separate until such time as you share any of your secrets. It's probably worthwhile to introduce yourselves with a physical description. Some of you haven't met yet.

That'd be a DM's plea for more talking and less doing while we have 2 PCs somewhat on hiatus because of the holidays. Might as well get some of the reunioning done now - talk about what you know, what you've learned, where you've been and all that.


Some families place an embargo on communications devices over Christmas. However there is currently no way for me to prise my husband away from SWTOR for more than an hour or two, so I'm available.

SWTOR widow, eh? I play EVE casually now (2 - 4 hr/wk, down from 2 - 4 hr/day), avoiding SWTOR because I know how it will be, and I simply have too much to do to devote days on end to the story


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