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Sariel and Tyranthius are taking first watch, Cord is second watch, will anybody be with him? Who will be taking third and fourth watches?

Sariel - 1st
Tyranthius - 1st
Hawkler - 2nd
Lilianna - ?
Japheth - ?
Olo - 4th
Cord - 2nd

Olo would like the last shift, just to be sure he has enough time to recharge his spells.

I'm not very familiar with Pathfinder, but I think Oracles need time to recharge spells, right?

All spellcasters need 8 hours' rest to recharge, but they don't need to be consecutive. That means we need five watches, not four.

8 hours of rest for all spellcasters to recharge. Prepared casters need an additional hour of preparation in addition to that, spontaneous casters do not.

Keeping a watch, so long as it's uneventful and you do nothing more than watch counts as rest.

Umm... Clerics don't need to rest for eight hours (at least according to the SRD). "Clerics meditate or pray for their spells. Each cleric must choose a time at which she must spend 1 hour each day in quiet contemplation or supplication to regain her daily allotment of spells. Time spent resting has no effect on whether a cleric can prepare spells."

So you only need the one hour meditation, but it has to be the same time each day (or possibly at a shifting but specific time... high tide, sunrise, moon-set). If something attacks us during that hour (or anything else exciting happens) you have the choice of joining the fight and losing spells for that day, or meditating your way through it. (I am reminded of Robin Hood Prince of Thieves).

We have previously used four two and a half hour watches (and thrown breakfast in as the missing half hour), which I would prefer to five watches since it makes doubling up easier.

How about that? Guess I'm showing my age...

Subject to a "house rule" then, Cord is golden, as he prays for spells at daybreak

I came back and we're reunited? *headdesks* I have sooooo much reading to do. D: Unless someone wants to give me a quick update? X___x

I don't really remember where you left off but the short of it is, your party spotted a smoke plume and investigated. There you found 2 sets of tracks heading south along the beach, one older, one newer. After tracking them into the night, you discovered that the group that lit the fire (and laid down the most recent set of tracks) was Cord, Olo and Tyranthius.

Okay, that was pretty much right around where I poofed. Were there any events or could I play her off as having been there but just kind of making herself known now?


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