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Sariel can see through ordinary fog and mist. I'm assuming she can't see through the illusion (since Lilianna wouldn't know that she can see through ordinary fog and mist) and that that entitles her to a will save (which she just failed). Would I be correct?


You can also do a DC16 Spellcraft check to know it was Silent Image (because you alone could see her casting because of your fog sight). That still doesn't mean you can look through it if you failed your save though - it's opaque if you failed your save. You can disbelieve as a standard action (I think) and there are some bonuses to that.

Unless they are really good bonuses Sariel is unable to see through it.

That's her all done 'til next turn.

+4 for knowing it's an illusion. DC was 13 so you actually made it.

You have a move action remaining if you want.

Sorry, I copied the wrong map. I put Ty's move on the new map.

Oslo can see through the mist (I added a liss save versus the illusion). He's lost track of Tyranthius but has a pretty good idea where everyone is.

Reminder: Cord and Hawkler can also make will saves vs. the mist (DC14) to see through it as they can feel that it's not misty.

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