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The trip on the beach was very hard on Lilianna - she basically jogged for a couple of hours to keep up with the others so I've been playing her as exhausted and quiet for that reason. It makes sense that she might be more vocal now that she's had some time to recuperate.

I'll plan on doing the next update Monday so we're back in the swing of things for when the work week resumes.

So she'll have been a bit out of it... I suppose when she awakes, it'll be as though viewing the world clearly again after several days of... exhaustion, as per the plot. Alrighty - I guess I'll just leave that be, then and start fresh with the next update.

Awesome! This means I get to play with more people, now~! And... Did we ever hear back from our monk? O_o

No monk. He just dropped off the face of the earth out of several games. That's why I suggested he return to get the two camps together (to get him off-stage and keep him around in case he had some personal tragedy and wants to return sometime in the future).

Thanks, Sorsha. It's good to be back!

Alrighty - thanks for the update, Greycloak. :3 It's nice to be able to kind of get back into things. ><

It occurs to me that I'll need a PC to pick a watch order. Anyone can do the picking but it's a little fishy if the DM does it.

Originally Posted by Sintaqx View Post
Sariel and Tyranthius are taking first watch, Cord is second watch, will anybody be with him? Who will be taking third and fourth watches?

Sariel - 1st
Tyranthius - 1st
Hawkler - 2nd
Lilianna - ?
Japheth - ?
Olo - 4th
Cord - 2nd
I might mention that you cats might ought to be mindful of who can see in the dark outside:
(Lilianna, Cord, Sariel, Tyranthius, Hawkler)

and who can just listen:
(Japheth, Olo)

It really doesn't matter who picks the watches and it doesn't need to be in character but it should be one of you who does it.

Mmm... from what has been said I think we have Sariel and Tyranthius first, then Cord on his own, then Hawkler and Japheth, then Olo and Lilianna (since they are the most tired). Two and a half hour watches, with a spare half hour thrown in for breakfast?

I'll happily go along with anything, honestly... But Lilianna may need some water thrown on her or extra rough shaking to get up. :P


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