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Hawkler can try to climb too if that's his fancy. Similarly, Cord can stand and take a standard or move action if he wants. I meant the initial will save to be automatic.

Keystone Klimbers

Olo makes no progress.

Good thing there wasn't somebody in the snare being dragged up the cliff. With the weather taking ranged out of the equation, this encounter would be stupidly tough.

For Hawkler to avoid being threatened, he'll have to veer south a bit but he and Ty should reach the lip this round.

The hilltop is grassy with very little cover so stealth is impossible up there.

Not sure how much I far Sariel will get with a 16 so could you move me?

Double move if possible, she wants to get within 30 feet of the rock throwers.

15' is a double move while climbing.

I don't mind moving people at all, this ditzie thing just makes it was easier on me for the combat mapping compared to saving and posting jpgs.

Unless you are facing the Ravenous Bugblatter Beast of Traal, in which case you simply need to not look at it and are therefore free to hide from it.

Edit: Ok, now I'm just going to have to use this thing in a game.

All the other domain abilities are 30' so we'll go with that.

That ability is super ambiguous though. Does it summon a wave from nowhere and if so, what happens to the water and how much is summoned? If not, does it only work in water or within range of standing water?

Since the icicle ability that it replaces is a conjuration-type effect that does damage, I'll go with the more generous interpretation which is that this is also conjuration and you create an instantaneous water wave that can be used for a manoeuvre, whereupon the water disappears.

If you're thinking what I think you're thinking, Cord could move to within range and use the ability to push Hawkler into the cliff.

We'll say the CMD for moving an ally who wants to be moved is 10 and if you are successful, his climb DC to catch himself drops from 20 to 10.

If you're not thinking what I think you're thinking, the fine young cannibals are out of range and would have cover even if they were.

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