OOC discussion

Week of teething hell appears to be over and I'm catching up on things like sleep... and Myth Weavers. Apologies for my absence.

Good to see you're back too Grey.

I'm back home so I should be back to regular updates again.

If anyone has anything more to say to the bird man, now's the time. If not, it seems to me the plan was to head back to the western? Jenivere camp, where both groups should have congregated by now. If nobody objects to that, I'll get things going in that direction soon.

Sorry for the delay, that update seemed daunting every time I thought about doing it without a good block of time.

If it's not clear, I advanced through the full day's travel to you arriving late at the western camp (where you had sent Japheth to unite the two camps). Tonight (if I can) I'll go back through the adventure log and make a proper loot list, such as it is, and I'll probably insist that you divvy it up more precisely so I know who is carrying what as we go ahead from here.

Sorry, it's been awhile and I have forgotten which NPC does not like me at all. Can anyone remember or should I just dig through the history?

No crackin wise either guys... lol

It was Ishirou who you antagonized to the point where there was almost a deul. Aerys was more or less friendly to you.

Keeping notes is worthwhile after all...

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