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Apologies for the long unannounced absence. Teething and patchy Internet access have been a real problem.

I don't know how long the situation will take to resolve. Little Man has another 16 teeth to come through and husband refuses to buy a new router from Sky (he figures they should replace it free as part of the contract or let him buy his own one). So I'm going to leave the game.

I've really enjoyed the game though and will miss Sariel so if you're still running when life sorts itself out I would love to rejoin.

Sorsha, if the game's still here, Sariel will be here for you when you have time to come back.

For the others, since we're down to 4PCs now, should we look at recruiting some new blood or are we happy plodding along at this casual pace with just us? Some options:

1) I could ask some folk I know from the PFS side if they're interested in playing "Japheth" or "Lilianna" or even one of the NPCs. They'd get the chance to retool whomever they chose, as long as the character was more or less contiguous.
2) Sava could (re)join in a more significant role.
3) Keep on keeping on as is and once Sorsha comes back, she'll rejoin the crew.

Note that I will continue to balance things for the party size as I always do so it won't make things easier if we do expand the group.

I am good with 3.

Hawkler is not gone, he is out hunting.

How long do you plan on remaining in/around camp, and what do you plan to do next? Best to cover the planning OOC I think.

Me too. It turns out that this kind of sandbox adventure may not be the greatest for PbP because of the time lags, especially compared to a dungeon crawl or something on a stricter railroad where it's easy to remember where you are at and what's next.

As I'm sure you all suspect, there is plot to be found all over the island. You've found some of it in your interactions with the natives, some in your interactions with the island itself, the locations you saw from the south lookout provides others and the thread with the captain and the varisian scholar lady provides more. On the latter point, Pezzok sighted them heading south along the trail that led to the gulley trap, but that trail is well and truly cold by now.

If only from a "where do we go from here" standpoint, we seem to have two choices: go after the cannibals or start exploring again.

Hint hint. The loot list is up. Maybe tell me what each of you is taking from that list here in OOC to keep that thread uncluttered.

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